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 Post Posted: Mon Jul 27, 2015 5:38 pm 

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I’m turning into a mallrat.

The events of this field report occured two weeks after those which you have already read in the Vietnamese BJ Report.

I went to a different mall this time. Montclair Plaza. I understand that Casanova Crew got its start after founder JTR was jilted by a Mexican milf at the Acapulco that shares a parking lot with mall. I wish I knew this at the time, I might have given me some inspiration.

Again I only made one approach. Those familiar with the I Ching will be pleased to read how I saw this girl an hour earlier at a bus stop in Claremont in her work uniform.

When I see her again, we’re in the Barnes and Noble.

Here’s an old school transcript of our conversation:

Boy: Wow, you’re actually very cute.

Girl: Oh, uh thanks, haha.

Boy: Are you a fan of any TV shows?

Girl: Not right now.

Boy: That’s awesome. Want to come sit over here with me.

Not long after sitting down with her, I realize that she’s something of a half wit. She decides to show me some of her doodling. I feign interest. She has a low cut blouse and her tits look nice.

By the by I let her know that I’m going across the table to kiss her on the cheek. We then makeout. She doesn’t abandon herself to me. But she isn’t reserved either.

I know now that we have to bounce. I want a long makeout with her. I take her to the SEARS. We makeout without reservations in Hardware. I grab her tits. Alternately squizing them from the sides and flattening them against her rib cage. I know it sounds pathetic, but this is the most money move I know when it comes to handling tits.

I mistook what was actually her freezing up for eager compliance. This is realized when she comes out of her shellshock long enough to slowly (fucking slowly) cover her tits with her arms. She looked pathetic. My intuition informs my conscience that she’s a victim of abuse. My conscience raises its hand to relay this information of her probable abuse. I try to ignore my conscience.

After the revelation in the Hardware department, we enter the G rated segment of our story. I start to enjoy her company. We eat Chinese food in the food court. We laugh together. Still I tell myself that my primary objective is to have sex with her.

She won’t let me take her home. I offer to walk her to the bus stop. We don’t make it that far. I try a third makeout. She won’t accept. We hug. I start applying steady strokes to her pussy (over the pants). She allows it to continue. I tell her that I’m going to take IT out. That I want her to hold it. She does not object. Our bodies are facing each other. Shielding the exposure of my penis. She gives it a few strokes. Now fast, then slow. I don’t know what did it, but she stopped.

I walk on with her. She complains that she’s too busy to see me. This is nonsense. She works part time at a grocery store. Annoyed but not malicious, in a rather jocose display, I put a few icecubes from my drink down her cleavage and went my own way.

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