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 Post subject: Sarge report 10 10 15
 Post Posted: Fri Oct 16, 2015 11:07 pm 

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I decided to go to lunch at a restaurant that I frequent regularly. Even though the food is very good I have been curious about one particular employee. 2 months was the last time I had seen her and I noticed that she was interested based on body language. A week after that I ran into her and her friend in the mall. Her friend and I recognized each other but neither could remember why. I wasn't sure If I had hit on her in the past or helped her at my job. While this was going on, my target was flirting with me. I was thrown off my game. I was flustered, made weak comebacks, couldn't neg and my body language was wack. I got the hell out of there as fast as I could.

I went back to the restaurant a few weeks later but she was always off until today. She made her way over to me and we starting chatting and catching up. I have the look of a nice guy/square so I use that to my advantage. I said a few things she wasn't expecting from a nice guy and soon after she started saying that she might be leaving her job because it give her no time for a life, time to date etc. I took this as my cue to say "If you leave, how are we going to keep in touch?" She wrote her number down, I told her that I would call later that night and I left high as a kite.

I left the restaurant and went into the shopping complex still high as a kite. Walking past a boutique I saw a great ass in little shorts so I went in to perv on the face. Saw the face of a 18yo cutie who worked at a fast food restaurant in the complex and we always flirted w each other. Holy moley her body was awesome. She smiled and showed me what she was buying but I was off my game because of how unexpectedly hot she looked. I mean her great ass was almost hanging out of her little shorts, her stomach was flat and her boobs were small but perky. My negs, body language mad frames were weak so I took off. 60 yards away I cursed myself out for my AFCish ways so I wrote my number on the back of my card, marched back in the boutique, handed her my card and told her to call me. I could have been smoother but my heart was in my throat. Either way I was happy that I did anything at all and since I was bolstered by what happened at the restaurant, I was in a DGAF mood.

That night I attended a birthday party held at a nice Latin restaurant. I was invited by the birthday girl but didn't put much on it because she is one of those really hot girls who will post selfies all day and out of 400 likes 380 will be from guys. Yet she made a big deal when I got there and insisted I sit next to her. Soon, more and more guys started showing up and she repeatedly kept telling them about some of my negs over and over. Like how I couldn't hang out with her because she was too fat, or because she was so ghetto I couldn't take her out in public etc. She laughed hysterically and all of the guys kept looking at me like "who is this fuck to talk to her like that?" All the while she would lay her head on my shoulder, twirl her hair and kino me in other ways. Once they all planned on going to a nightclub that was my cue to slip out.

When leaving the restaurant I saw a girl who was real into me 2 years ago but she was in a off and on relationship with a chick who worked at Hooters. After idle chit chat I told her that she looked so good I wanted to jump her right there in front of everyone. She replied that she would like that. Again I was still in DGAF mode. Told her I was going to text her later on and she said okay.

Still high as a kite, I decided to go by a strip club with the maxim to not stay longer than 45 mins. A dancer motioned me over to come sit down next to her and I said no. But she kept waving w a smile so I did. We hit it off to the point where she started telling me all about herself, her real name, how cute her kid was, etc. I told her to show me a pic of her kid and she comes back from the dressing room with her phone. Pics of the kid eventually turned into showing me her FB page and telling me crazy stories about her friends, her wack ex blah blah. The whole time her body language kept changing as pretty soon she was completely facing me, legs spread, face close to mine and so on and so on. I told her that I knew she was molesting me because of all the times she casually touched my arms, my chest or squeezed my knee/ inner thigh under the table and that I was going to have her arrested. She laughed and admitted to it. In between she kept going to the dressing room to sneak alcohol shots. The last time she said she would be right back but 20 mins later I was still waiting and the 45 minute timer on my phone had already went off 10 minutes earlier. I felt like a chump waiting and I did not like that so I took off.

Sent the girl from the restaurant earlier in the day a text but she did not respond and I did not care.

I had an incredible day. The outcome of any interaction did not matter to me. I was just happy to constantly be in the game all day. Before, I would have lamely talked to 1 or 2 HBs that day and called it a win. I also would have over analyzed these interactions and have taken a week or 2 or so before I motivated myself to get back into the game. Now? I was just having fun and that was all that mattered.

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