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 Post subject: Re: 3 contacts a day
 Post Posted: Tue Nov 03, 2015 11:46 pm 

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"All great lovers are articulate and verbal seduction is the surest road to actual seduction."
- Marya Mannes

With that powerful quote in mind, I made a decision to be as verbally seductive as possible with my contacts and interactions with hot women today.

I hit up a girl on FB that I met one night at a club 6 years ago on Halloween. We had a great night and she was an amazing kisser. Told me that she wasn't the type to do that and it freaked her out. I did not know how to close the deal but somehow FB included her 2 months ago as someone I might know. I sent her a request and was surprised when she accepted.

I told her that I knew it was weird to hear from a guy that she had met for only one night 6 years ago but I began to list all of the reasons I found her so memorable. Told her that since I was easily bored by women it was hard to forget someone who was refreshingly original, pretty without being stuck up, sexual without being slutty, intelligent, funny and a great kisser. She was floored by my message and told me so. She started asking me what I was up to, said that she could not forget me, etc. Pretty cool so far.

Hit up another girl on Fbook that I used to fuck for awhile a long time ago. Actually she was the best sex, best pussy and best head I ever had. And she hated sex until we started having sex. We fell out once she moved to another state. Then she got into a miserable relationship with a guy who treated her bad and would not fuck her. I told her that I really missed her. Not long after I started receiving messages and pictures from her. Said she loved me and missed having sex with me. This turned in to voice messages. Long story short, she asked if I could take her to Vegas for her bday in March. Said she could not wait to have wild and crazy sex again and that "she might even let me put it in her ass." NICE!

A woman sent me a text saying she could not wait for our lunch date next Monday. Our texts went back and forth and I made sure to continue letting her know that I am attracted to her.

Still joked around with every woman I came into contact with. Saw a girl on a skateboard smiling at me so I stopped to talk to her. 15 mins later I left after calling her Skateboard Lady 6 times which she liked each time, asked her what she addicted to out of alcohol, drugs or sex and she said drugs. Said she had her own house because her parents died. She wasn't my type so I ejected shortly after.

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