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 Post subject: XtotheA's Book Of Lays
 Post Posted: Mon Nov 09, 2015 2:38 am 

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Collection of some lays, and new ones I'm going to add through the days I get me some poonaniiii

8-25-15: SNL

I remember about bitching to my wing about dance game and how much I don't like it, how badly my pussy hurts, blah blah blah. We decide to go to the dance floor and I see HBlightshoes dancing. A decent 7, fat ass, raver chick type clothing, light up shoes, whatever. I grab her by the hand, maintain eye contact and start dancing with her. I'm leading and dancing with her. She shows some disinterest and interest (push/pulling me it seems) and when she does, I back off and dance by myself. I back off and dance by myself and my wing steals my set. I keep dancing, give him about a minute and I steal my set back. We dance for a little more, and I'm getting ready to # close when I realize there are some open seats on a long ass coach behind her. It's funny because right before that, I was going to give up, # close, and open more sets.... now I'm sitting next to her on the couch making out with her, asking her what freaky shit she likes and getting logistics down. I always frame logistics like:

Where do you stay? .....ok (looking like I'm thinking)
Is that far?
Did you drive?
Am I going to have to take you back home?

I pretend like I'm the one contemplating pulling her and shes the one who is waiting upon my decision. I test for compliance and keep going. We makeout some more, she tells me she doens't like PDA, whatever. She decides she's going to start dancing on the table of the bar, and I'm sitting here with my thumb up my ass wondering if I should leave the set or not. I decide not to, and decide to talk to her friend who came with her. Literally a good 30min of her fucking off and dancing on the bar table goes by, and shes covered in water and soda and whatever the fuck. I tell her lets get out of here. I drop her friend off at her house, I go back to HB's dorm and we get right down to it. Zero resistance, she takes her clothes off without me asking. I smash a few times. I tried to keep talking to her but she was giving me a lot of short answered responses in our text messages, waiting an hour to 2 hours to respond and I didn't even have the patience to play her bullshit. Hit n quit.


I remember opening this girl like 2 weeks prior to me fucking her on the 3rd. I closed her by getting her snapchat (I like doing that), and we just started corresponding periodically. I # close her on snapchat and we start texting. I go out with my homeboy one night and I decide to text her. It turns out she is going downtown as well. Downtown turns out to suck a big bag of dicks, so I text and ask her what bar she is at. When my wing leaves for the night, I meet up with HBbigbutt. I'd like to say she's a 7.5 (I'm making it a point to fuck hotter girls from now on). We meet up and it's casual. Talking about shit we texted each other, catching up, blah blah blah. Her friends want to dance and I start dancing with her. I escalate physically but no kiss close. About an hour in we start making out. She's another "I don't like PDA's, and I can't believe I'm doing this with you in public" type. I get more passionate and aggressive in our makeout. 2:00am hits and bar is closing. I start pulling logistics just like I always do. She tells me she has to take her friends home and she doesn't know how late she'll be out. I play it off like "that's fine if we don't see each other tonight it's no big deal, if you end up dropping them off and you want to hang out send me your address". I was driving home thinking the night was over and she wasn't really feeling me when she calls me. Sends me her address. I get over there and she's already showered in booty shorts. Take her booty shorts off. Zero resistance, and fuck her brains out. I'm still banging this one as we speak.


I started texting a coworker I # closed a couple weeks ago. We've been on an off texting. Our texts turned into me telling her I like eating pussy. She told me she likes eating pussy too and sucking dick. From there she replied 30min. later with "when are we gonna hangout so I can show you?". Boom, it's on. Seeded for tomorrow for when she gets off work, then I said fuck it.... I'm going to try to fuck her tonight. She rejected and told me "maybe tomorrow" and I followed up with "come on, I'll bring over red lobster biscuits mix, you'll bake for me and feed me grapes. Just like at red lobster (inside joke we have)". She said hahaha ok. I asked for her address. I drive over there, took her out on my motorcycle, we go to the bar, and she gets drunk. Things heat up and I pull her out of the bar. She buys a bottle, gets wasted at my house, we fuck, then she gets mad at me and throws my shit all over the room spilling things, it was a fucking mess, she was a fucking mess. Long story short, we fucked but not sure if I want to keep fucking. She's crazy. Overall, I'm happy for the lay, just not happy the circumstances meant I had to deal her drunken bullshit. She's hot, just not worth my time I don't think.

•Don't fuck with your coworkers
•Work on text game
•Work on increasing her investment in you, and attraction. Stop trying to hard

Expect more lays soon.

DDRJ: I thought I could spot crazy fairly quickly too

Cat: The doggystyle is essential when the face is not up to par.

Godziwa: I am puerto rican, cuban, and russian.

11/6/15 Friday:

My buddies get a VIP table at a club in Orlando. I show up later in the night, they are all wasted. I sit down for a little bit and one of my buddies friends brings a girl over to our VIP section. Call her HBfreaky. I introduce myself to her, and just make small talk. Eventually I leave go to another venue. Meet up with a few wings and start approaching sets. Starting to notice that I am hooking more, and if there is no intial connection, I am socially intelligent enough to hold convo and work my way in. I rock some sets, and then I can't find my wings so I head back to my wasted friends. Before I even get back in HBfreaky walks out all mad about my friend telling her to fuck off, find her own ride home, blah blah blah. I bounce with her to find a charger for her phone. Somewhere along the way we make out, shes grabbing my cock, and I know it's game. Drive her to a hotel for her to plug in her phone, and she does. While she waits for her phone to charge I grab her and bring her outside. We get behind a power block and i start making out with her. From there she starts blowing me. A car drives by slow as fuck and can see my bare ass in the wind getting head. He drives by a second time and I try to stop her but her dedicaiton is too strong. Turn her around and fuck her after the car leaves. I have another girl coming over as well. Awesome night.

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