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 Post Posted: Mon Nov 09, 2015 2:41 am 

Joined: Sun Apr 11, 2010 9:07 pm
Posts: 15
So I've got my book of lays up, and anyone thats been in this game knows that with all this pulling, makeouts, # closing, etc. comes with a ton of rejection, embarrassment, shit sometimes even shame. This thread is to document my not so good days or nights, and the lessons i've learned from them.

I think the most important point I'm trying to stess is that: if it wasn't for these bad days, I would never have so much to learn & improve from. Bless those bad days when you look back on them, and fuck them when you're living it in the present. I'll keep this shit short.

9/15/15: I went out to help out my wing that night thinking that I'm going to help him until the end of the night and then just go into a set and hook & pull like I normally do. I end up fucking off for awhile by having him approach some sets, and winging him in group sets. I hook a few girls, but I'm not interested in them, just simply helping my wing out. I get in this groove of not even approaching (on my own with girls I'm actually attracted to) that when the time comes for me to actually approach an attractive girl, I lock up. I approached maybe a total of 5 sets that night, 2 hooked. Lets call her HBblueeyes. I start showing my wing how to pull chicks with dance game, and I see HBblueeyes. She wasn't my target although all 3 of her friends were pretty hot. I try to dance with her friend and she's not having it. I'm smiling and looking at HBblueeyes and I try her. We start dancing. I give my wing my drink and take my hands and put her hand on my face. I love making girls kino me. The song ends and I pull her outside. My arms are wrapped around her, and i'm getting close to a nice makeout when her friend grab her by the hair and pull her away from me. Not like gently, hard as fuck yank her hair back and pull her away by it. Never seen some shit like that before. I don't end up persuing although I should have.

HBasian. I approach by saying hey or some shit. I put my arm on her, she reponds negative to my kino, we talk for awhile, she starts gaming me. Not really into asains but shes actually a pretty cute asian. Her friend pulls her away literally like 5 feet away from me and HBasian stops. I think she was trying to tell her friend to let her keep talking to me or some girl code shit, but her friend keeps pulling her. Another easy set that could have turned into a pull if I persisted but I didn't. That was the worst persistance ever: when her friend pulled her away from me she was MAYBE like 7ft further from me. Oh Well.

9/16/15: Day 2 with HBjamaican

OK SOOOOO, I snapchat close HBjamaican because this was a short ass set, and most likely number closing her wasn't going to stick. This happened like 2 weeks ago. I got her # last week through snapchat, and finally had a day 2 with her today. I wake up from a nap at 5pm, realize I'm seeing her at 5, call her, she sends me her address. I literally get there and netflix is on LOL. I know what time it is, BUT I also know her personality, and what comes with her getting fucked: a lot of LMR. So I'm choding up because my hands are sweating (i have hyperhydrosis), and I'm not kino'ing, I'm just being a bitch. She pulls the "I kind of have a boyfriend but we're not technically dating" card and I roll over and read a book on her. I go back to talking getting ready to finally pull the trigger to do something and her phone rings. Her friends dad had a heart attack and shes crying hysterically. I literally just get up and grab my shit because I know she's gotta leave. She asks me what am I going to do, I tell her "i'm going home". She wants to still see me so I change that to "I'm going to get coffee and by the time that happens if you're still in the process of seeing your friend or comforting her, whatever, I'm going home". I go straight home probably because I fear sitting around like a waiting duck to be told "hey I can't hangout, I gotta be with her", even though that might not have happened. I text her "Hey I'm going food shopping. We'll hangout again". Hopefully I close this shit this week.

Lessons learned:
*never stop persisting
*stop blowing yourself out of your own shit because you fear failure
*make sure you've helped yourself before you help other


I approached HBegyptian about a couple weeks ago. I was walking past her and she immediately gave me an IOI. I turned around and approached her. Very easy set, even tried kiss closing her that day. Fast forward to today, I'm eating her ass, and trying to fuck. I literally spent like 30 minutes rubbing my dick against her pussy. She claims she's a virgin, but I slid a finger in that poonani and that was noooo virgin pussy. I make her say "please fuck me" "please fill up my pussy" all kinds of things to gain some compliance and then I tell her to put it in. No compliance. I start playing with her asshole, stick my finger in and she likes it. I jump up to get some lube in the next room, and I can't find my fucking lube. I know time is running short, because I know she's not gonna be down for this in another 30 seconds. I cant find lube and when I get back her panties are back on and she's giving me more LMR. I tried role reversal, buyers frame, dominant frame, push-pull... the shit wasn't happening. Every card in the fuckin book I tried: Yugioh cards, Pokemon cards, Baseball cards, my business card, my debit card...the pussy was not getting smashed today. She's still extremely invested in me, and I know next time I'll smash, if not I'm gonna fuck her in the butt. yayyyy.

I'm trying to attach a pic but my 1mb quota is met and it wont let me post pics so I put it in my "Gallery". what the gay


Damn this shit is painful....
I went from 1-2 lays a week to massive A.A.. Some days better than others. Confidence is weak. I 2nd think myself. Feeling very inferior lately. Luckly my game is somewhat calibrated. Fucking 3 different women currently, hooking up with 1 so that's pretty much what keeps me going in my low days.

*On tuesday I went out and did a few sets. 1 make out with a very cute blonde. The set wasn't solid hence she left with her friends, and I DID try to text her to venue change to my bar but she didn't respond. She didn't respond the next day as well. I have her snapchat and phone number, I'll hit her up in a few days.
*Later on in that night I approached HBfatass. Ass so fat it covered the entire seat. I blew the set by pulling her titty out and then feeling all akward from her reponse and asking yes/no or 1 word answer questions. I still laugh when I think about that set. Hit her up the next day and she was responsive. I took a 3 hour nap and tried hitting her up when I woke up. I guess some girls are insecure so I guess I should have told her I was taking a nap? I don't fucking know. If the set is strong enough you can get away with whatever in context.

Showed up to Library. I think I did a total of 5 sets. None stuck. Massive AA. Never pulling the trigger. Not pulling the trigger from HB's IOI'ing. It's like women just feel my unconfident vocal tonality and my lack of eye contact, simple non-verbal things that are easily fixed by warming up and actually approaching women, yet I don't do whats necessary. I talked to a black lesbian for awhile that I would have pulled but I don't do chicks that are in relationships. Same goes for girls with bf's. You could tell she wanted to fuck and even was asking logistical questions to pull me but I wasn't having DAT


HBrican: ISaw a classmate HBrican and opened her with "wait your in my class, do we have xxxx paper due?". From there transitioned to talking about her interests, moved her around. Eventually it was time for both of us to go to class. I # closed and it felt solid but then the momentum went down when I negged her too much in text. Eventually she became unresponsive. I believe I'm too much of an asshole sometimes. SOI's and being nice kind of gives me fear. I'm scared being nice or affectionate will lose the set, and the reverse always happens. Its been about 24 hours and 2 unanswered responses in text. I'm gonna fall back, play it cool, and game casually when I see her in class or around school. Maybe she become more unresponsive when she seen me game and leave with another classmate (fr down belovw this one). Her ass is so fat too. Solid 8.5 without makeup. I love a good looking girl without makeup.

HBreligious: We had a group project and I was paired up with 2 of the 3 hottest girl in my class. We exchanged contact information and started flirting. I KNEW it was on when she texted me out of the blue talking about bringing in some food I like. Fast forward to 9/30 and we're texting each other in class. We get something to eat after class, and I pull her to my car. I use the excuse of giving her a ride to her car. She likes it. I pull up to her car, and I tell her "ok bye now, give me a kiss", she says "thats weird" but with strong eyecontact, not moving for anything. This was the time to kiss her and i fumbled. Instead we hugged and she gave me the cheek LOL. Ohhhhh isn't that funny. I text about an hour later:

me: im getting a kiss next time
HB: no your not...
HB: I think you need to understand that we are not a couple...And I'm not that kind of girl
me: (sending her a bunch of kissy emoji's and an emoji of arm flexing)

it text back 11min. later How's your math class going. She reponds 2 1/2 hours later with "oh it was okay..we got done early". I'm still gaming her.


Took me FOREVER to man up and open a set the whole fucking day. Only reason why I approached this set was because she was sitting down 2 tables away from me outside for like 30 minutes when I was procrastinating talking to my friend on the phone. Solid 9, but she a boyfriend. She SEEMS interested in me. I say SEEMED because I Snapchat closed her, and she hit me up later on in the day with "can you give us a ride to CVS" with a picture of some fucking chairs, not showing me who 'US' was. It was probably her and a guy friend. I think even if it was a girlfriend, she was just hitting me up to use me for a ride. Responded with a pic of me laying on my pillow saying "no". I was about to take a nap too. Not getting up for shit unless you're actually gonna fuck. She has a BF. I don't fuck with girls with BF's anyways, but she has some hot friends (I lurked her shit on FB dont judge me). Not sure what to do with her. Befriend her and maybe hit her friends. I really like the way I gamed her though, very smooth, very comfortable, very easy to gain attraction.

*I'm getting way too comfortable not going out and just fucking 1 of my 3 fuck buddies.
*Pretty sure I am becoming too complacent and not as hungry as getting the SNL when I have a girl waiting for me to get out of the club. Not to mention they aren't that hot. 7.5's at best.
*Looking to bring in (2) 9.-10's in my fuck buddy reportoire this month. I have a lot to work on. When I was on fire I smashed like 4 girls no problem. I need to get that back.

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 Post Posted: Mon Nov 09, 2015 2:47 am 

Joined: Sun Apr 11, 2010 9:07 pm
Posts: 15
I'm going to keep this short & sweet. I went to downtown disney for a night event and it was PACKED

HBtits: huge tits. I got in front of her as she was walking past me, wrapped my arms around her. Started conversating, drinking her drink, acting low key, and just very relaxed. She told me she doesn't have a phone which is bullshit, and so I FB closed. I couldn't find a way to transition to pull, or to even makeout. Nonetheless, I tried. Still talking to her on FB messanger. I'll get there with her. Solid 9

HBitalian: another one walking past me, grabbed her, wrapped my arms around her, seduction gaming asap. She wanted to bounce so I closed her on snapchat. Got her # today and she wanted to see me today by inviting me to a party. It's 11pm when she invited me, and I have school at 8am, plus she lives an hour away. I passed on her, but I feel I will get that soon.

HBblonde: It's funny when you THINK you are doing moderate in your interaction, and it just so happens to be the opposite. She wasn't strong enough to # close, although I thought I'd get some play from her on snapchat. No play from her, she deleted me LOL.

HBshortfatass: 2 set, I wanted the hotter friend (she was a solid 9) but ended making out with the other friend (a 7 I'd say). I kissed her on the cheek and told her thats how spanish people do it, then kissed both sides and told her that was german, then tongue kissed her and told her that was french LOL. I've been texting her but haven't gotten a response out of her in the last 3 hours. Going to wash/rinse/repeat tomorrow.

*Knowing I can game better and not letting it out due to fear
*Continue the process of not giving a fuck. girls pick this up and its attractive
*My text gaming sucks balls. Work on that.


Very good night. Confidence is great. Going to make this short (or try at least)

HBgiganto: I call her HBgiganto because he ass is fucking giganto. The things I would eat out of this girls butt..... I love big booty more than anything in the world. More than french toast, more than bacon. I open her on the dance floor and shit is warming up. Very submissive woman, and I pull her around the venue throughout the night. I didn't strike when the iron was hot and she even gave me permission to pull GRANTED I played the right strings when walking to her car. Yes she verbally told me this. Having a hard fucking time getting makeouts. Not only that, BUT tonight I seemed to think that pulling and making out correlated with each other when they don't. I was working too systematically (first makeout, then pull, then xyz) when I should have just pulled her. Long story short, I tried all I could but failed to escalate at the proper times. Solid 9, I will see her again.

HBmixed: This was a girl I meet about a month ago and tried to pull but ended up pulling a solid 9 instead. Fast forward to yesterday (10/12/13) and I see her again when I'm delivering pizza. I recognized her face and said "is your name Sarah" and she was like "OMG how do you know me". I didnt answer her, delivered her friend her pizza, and left. Turns out today I see her at the bar and she remembered me. She told me I fucked her head up the whole night when she was trying to remember who I was. I kept escalating on her throughout the night but couldn't get a makeout or pull. Logistics WERENT fucked, but I tried all I could and failed to succeed. She kept giving me the "i have a man" line and I kept laughing. She asked me if I was going to text her, I told her no. I texted her gnight late tonight...LOL

HBshortgirl: Solid 7 to me, short & little skinny. 8 or 9 to anyone that likes short, skinnier chicks. I like my girls thick and somewhat tall but she had a cute face nonetheless. I was basically talking to her for practice, and connected deep with her. I tried # closing and she shit tested me with "what's my name" to which I replied "I don't know" with a very carefree 'shit happens frame'. She left me after that LOL. Saw her again and pulled her against the wall......trying to remember what happened but she ended up leaving again.

*I yearn so badly to get good at pulling make outs. Still working on getting makeouts through physical escalation
*Continue being yourself
*# close, or snapchat close more often. I let some sets go without # closing. I got too careless which was totally fine with me at the time, but practice makes me better. Especially now I'm in my boxers typing this shit up when I could be texting some girls and getting more experience.
*I feel WAY too touchy feely with my escalation. Like try hard kino. All over them. Smothering these bitches. I've fucked a day2 up because of this.

Feeling THAT much closer to pulling consistently. I'm talking to hotter girls, and they are investing more, and my game is all around improved.


Lately my game has been stagnant. On days I could have spent going out solo or with wings I stay home. Mainly from lack of drive or fear. In addition, I built attraction with beautiful HB's and stopped texting due to fear of rejection or zero temperance for the bullshit wait time HB's put me through. I stress over these women which is ridiculous. 1 week I pull the next week i'm in fear.

But not anymore. Doing a 45 day challenge. Going out @ least 4 nights a week. The challenge ends on my bday so this should be interesting. Stay tuned, lay reports will soon follow.


Just came to the realization that I pull every time I go out, OR I get a lay later down the road from a # close when I put the work in and not sit around the venue with my thumb in my ass.

HBthai: Pulled her. Half thai/half arabic. My friend Kevin is talking to her. I strike up a conversation with them and eventually put my arm around her. Not gonna lie this was a dick move since my buddy was talking to her, but Kevin has a girlfriend. Ok, I am trying to justify it, it wasn't a cool move. Anyways, put my arm around her, strong eye contact, direct game, SOI's, blah blah blah. I mention I ride a motorcycle, she wants to ride..."right now?" I ask. "Yes!!". We ride for a few minutes, I drop her off at her car, seed my place, she follows me to my place. Get to my place, LMR LMR LMR LMR LMR LMR LMR. I think I might have touched a titty. This one has a boyfriend which is yet ANOTHER rule I try not to break. I broke the 'never steal sets' rule and the 'boyfriend' rule. She needs more investment and time to fuck her. Can easily see myself fucking her in the future but I will hopefully not due to her BF.

HBblonderican: Approached her when my buddy pointed her out. I forgot what I opened with (does it ever matter), just played really chill laid back game. Snapchat close her (should have # closed) and then later I kiss her on the cheek when the set starts dying down. The plan was to leave and game her again but she was gone after about 30min. I'll hear from her again.

HBskeleton: approach hbskeleton in her 5 set of equally hot friends, solid 9's. Stick to HBskeleton and I go from attraction to opening up about personal shit. I tell her some real personal shit, then I realize I am staying on this tangent for too long, time to transition back to attraciton or hop on seduction but I couldn't. I let fear stop me. Instead, I kept running on talking about the same shit. Her friends walked by her and took her away. I # closed. She leaves my city on Monday. I shall bang her.

-Strike while the iron is hot (pretty sure I could have gotten away with some ballsy shit after HBthai got off the motorcycle and her attraction was up)
-Put the fucking work in
-Put the fucking work in
-Have a good time regardless


Finally ended all ties with fuck buddies. Made a retarded mistake or getting tipsy and asking the last girl to be my girlfriend only to shatter her heart in the car ride back from the bar. I led her on in so many ways, over so many weeks, and could not be a man and state my intent from the jump because I knew it would mean losing her. I did what a coward would do, and that's lie my way to keep her, only to eventually come clean on everything. Very sad, but realizing I am doing this for the game. I want the game more than I want her. Being a dickhead in the process of making sacrifice. It hurts to hurt those around you. I thought those days were over with me, but it seems not.

Good night gentlemen.

 Post Posted: Mon Nov 09, 2015 2:48 am 

Joined: Sun Apr 11, 2010 9:07 pm
Posts: 15

Tonight was definitely a night of fail. Decided to go solo gaming even though I knew I had plenty of wings and people to help. I did a bunch of approaches...sadly only 2 stuck. Here we go

HBsarah: She was walking buy with 2 blue long islands, I think I opened with "you're drinking 2 blue long islands"..lol she keeps walking. Later, she walks by a 2nd time and I grab her. I ask her what her name is. Tell her to put her phone away and shake my hand. "people these days have no manners, they don't make eye contact, no handshake, blah blah blah". She complies to my demands and I'm making small talk. I realize small talk isn't shit in night game, it's time to go more direct, possibly sexual, and I stall and continue small talk. Her friend pulls her away. Another girl who I served at the restaurant I work at walks by. Solid 8.5/9. I talk to her and HBsarah walks up and compliments how cute she is, how we should talk, blah blah blah. I'm not trying to game HBsarah because the girl in front of me who I served at my restaurant is hotter. I approach HBsarah after the other sets dies down, and she isn't having it.

HBPeru: Peruvian walking by. I get in front of her and grab her. Start small talk (I need to stop that shit), and isolate her over my to some seats in the corner of the venue. She decides to leave when I forget her name after I # close. She is leaving and I grab her. Try kissing her which is a retarded move....don't try to kiss close after she rejects you lol. I bounce with her to the bathroom, she gives me a kiss on the lips. Quick peck. Text her later "where you @?" no response. Get home, call her, and some dude picks up. She leaves to Miami tomorrow. She's gone.

Overall, shit game, shit night, shit results. Felt slightly anxious but eventually calmed down. Never reached 'state' if that's what you want to call it. I need to go more direct, and put in more kino. These HB's want direct, dominant men that waste no time. I acknowledge that and stall. I dropped all my fuck buddies for this game, dropped a beautiful woman with a beautiful relationship for this game, I am not going to settle for anything other than success.

•Be more direct, dominant, assertive
•Continue opening sets no matter what
•Remember their names. o_0

Any and all input is appreciated boyzzz

Starting to realize how pessimistic I look at some of my nights lol. I have high expectations of myself. Tonight I pulled.

HBrican: my buddy Ryan opens this 4 set, and I come in about a minute later and wing him. HBrican opens me when I'm gaming her black friend. I hook HBrican. I figure out logistics of HBrican. I ask her what shes doing after this and she tells me she is going home. I # close and she calls herself on my phone. I leave after my wing leaves, open a few other sets and I end up seeing her again in the night. I buy her a shot of tequila, ask her if shes spontaneous, and makeout with her. Things heat up, I leave the venue with her, take her on my motorcycle, pull the motorcycle to her car, and get a BJ while playing with her butthole in her pickup truck. Try to pull to her place, she's on her period, she lives with her parents, blah blah blah. I tell her to come to my place and persist heavy but not having it. She should be coming over my place in a few hours as we speak.

HBaggressive: I like my buddy Ryan because he has no AA and isn't intimidated the least bit. He opens a set, and I join in to talk to HBaggressive. I neg too much (I do that a lot, I'm an asshole). She loses interest, while Ryan proposes to his target while everyone thinks it's a real proposal LOL. I get logistics of HBaggressive which is GOOD. I don't try all I could which I should have on this one.

HBblonde: solid 9.5, I fail to persist heavier and should have re-opened when I knew I could have bagged her. I need to start re-opening. All I needed to do was be more direct and straight to the point with her. Shaking my head as I type this


•remember the names and re-open the set
•kino escalate
•persist more after logistics are given

Overall not a bad night.

Wednesday 11/5/15

Went out solo and didn't have approach anxiety per se but did stall throughout the entire night. I was getting frustrated with myself and had to really motivate myself to get my ass moving. Not many sets were approached, here are 2 worth mentioning.

HBrosia: Saw her, solid 9 (hunting 9's and 10's more now). Opened by telling her how beautiful I thought she was. Really tried to dig down in my core and give genuine compliments, and just speak real for the most part. I knew it was enough to get her. Continued gaming, started dancing, tried isolating, and she wasn't having it. I decided to Snapchat close because I didn't feel confident enough # closing. Danced with her again later in the night, and kept going. Not a very memorable set, because I know what good game looks like. I know what I look like when I game good, I know when I have a set hooked. Shes moderately hooked, going to see what the future pans out with this girl.

HBpromoter: 1st set as soon as I walked in the venue. She was yawning so I mimiced her, gamed her for a little bit, started looking at the products she was promoting and she bounced behind me. I should have re-opened but waited later. About an hour later I re-open and we just vibe. Share some info about each other, and I was completely confident about myself and her. For whatever reason she continued to make more and more distance between her and I before she ejected. Slightly mind boggled by this because I am the fucking man.

HBamanda: see her dancing, mimic her BL with her dancing, grab her, start dancing, grab her glasses, put them on, isolate her outside. She starts bitching its hot outside, starts to step back inside. I eject thinking that when I re-open later she will be mindfucked from me ejecting when she was at a slightly high point of attraction. Never saw her again LOL

•Don't eject for dumbass reasons
•Continue remembering names
•Stop being a bitch when you're solo


I get anxiety when it comes to approaching and closing 9's & 10's. My game is too strong and I've fucked too many moderate looking women to continue this cycle. To game quality you must have quality(internally). It's time for me to step up to the plate however, every time I do I struggle. Struggling to workout, read, work on improving my career, etc.

I am destined for greatness just unaware of how long it will take.

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