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 Post subject: Day 5 / 78 to go
 Post Posted: Thu Aug 18, 2016 4:39 pm 

Joined: Thu Sep 11, 2008 12:04 pm
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Much better day today because I am not a quitter and I refuse to let fear win.

Went to workout early in the AM and one of the 2 cute young girls was at the front desk. She smiles warmly as she always does and w chit chatted briefly before I asked for her name. She seemed genuinely shocked that I did not it. I busted her balls about it in a cocky funny way and told her that she had to learn my name or that she would lose major points. She surprised me when she said that she already knew my name. Couldn't push harder because other members needed her.

Took an Uber home. Middle aged woman scale of a 6 but I wanted to stay in state. Talked about how much weight I had lost, blah blah and that the next time I would let her see my abs, etc. She kept laughing. 5 mins after she dropped me off I caught her peeking through my blinds. I had left my earphones. Still want wonder why she didn't knock on the door but I stayed shirtless the entire time and walked slowly to her car.

Went to a bakery an hour later for breakfast and held the door open for a very very attractive blonde socialite. I said "Very nice stilettos you are wearing. You pick those out yourself?" She said yes and started laughing before she joined her friends.

Headed to the cleaners with the intention of dropping my clothes and getting the number of the girl I always flirt w before chickening out when it is time to go further. She wasn't there. Bummer.

Went across the street to pick up a juice but really to hit on the counter girl. She helped me, we flirted like we always do until I got a tad nervous and paid for my drink. I was determined to give her my number when my drink was finished but her mgr called her way. Bummer.

Later on at work, a mother came in with her ridiculously hot daughter. I normally would have went into AFC mode but I just started busting on her about everything and the both of them could not stop laughing. Eventually the mom joined me in making fun of her feet, neck everything. I thought at one point one of them would tell to cut it out but they never did. They promised to come back and buy in a few days.

A few weeks ago earlier I met a girl at Starbucks. She returned my text later that day but that was it. Every other text after that was ignored even though she insisted that she was single. Finally I had enough and sent her a text that after my greeting I said "Are you one of those Boring but cute chicks? Because you looked like a lot of fun when I met you."
She text back in 15 seconds. Said she was on vacation, sorry she hadn't got back to me blah blah.
It is a shame I had to practically insult her to get a response.

During lunch I swung by a place where this cute young girl works but she was not there.

Went to Target. Did not see one of the cute cashiers so I shopped for fatburners. When I was done I saw one of them so I got in her line. She smiled when she saw me and I got my thoughts ready. We were making small talk when these 2 guys came behind and just drooled over her. One of them stood so close to me he could have entered my Debit number for me. In short, I wussed out because of the pressure. As I walked away, I admitted to myself that I should have went for it anyway.

Later that night, a girl text me that she was craving sushi since she had not had any since the time that we went 2 months earlier. I sent her a text back that said "I am free after 6:30 on Friday and Saturday. Pick a day and we will go have sushi." At the time of this post she had not responded.

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