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 Post subject: Day 6 / 77 to go
 Post Posted: Sun Aug 21, 2016 12:03 am 

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Stopped to pick up my clothes from the cleaners. Started flirting w all 3 girls and having a fun time. Accused them of messing up my clothes on purpose so they could keep me in the store. This eventually led to one of them saying that she met her man in the store and that he was a good man.
So I asked her if she was a good woman.
Of course she said that she was the best ever so I challenged her by saying "every girl thinks that just because they are cute, cook and open their legs that means she is a good catch. When in reality that is the bare minimum. That would only make you a 6.5 or 7." Then she started qualifying herself by stating how often they have sex which led me to asking if it was the same way every time or if she was a freak.
She claimed she was a freak which led to a very involved sexual discussion w all of the other girls except for my target who didn't come in till later.
I walked out of there on a cloud because I would have never had that deep of a conversation that fast with women I barely know. And this will definitely be a DHV when my target is there because the other girls will flock around me. :good:

Went to a place that I regularly volunteer at and was in cocky and funny mode with one of the two pretty girls. It had both of them laughing and having a good time and asking if I was going to come back tomorrow. Said "I am not sure but I will text you either way in the morning." She gave me her number without hassle after that.

Sushi Girl replied back to me that she was busy on both days with her Its Complicated man. I said "no problem. I will just send you pics of the mouth watering sushi that I do eat." She screamed her response in text form and an hour later she asked what my availability was early in the day.
I ignored her because 1) I already told you my schedule and 2) you want to hang out w me real fast before you jet back to weird situation. Later in the evening she started liking quite a few of my FB pics.

While on Facebook I started looking for a girl I used to bang that disappeared mysteriously. I couldn't find her but I stumbled across a pretty girl with the exact same name. I left her a message that said "I do not know you but you have the exact same name of a friend I was looking for. I have no idea who you are, how old you are, where you live or if this is even a Catfish but I find you attractive." No response as of now.

In a weird twist of fate, I ran into Juice Bar Girl in the evening at the gym. She smiled as she saw me walking up to her and we chit chatted. This went on and off for about 30 mins until she went to a private section of the gym. I kept arguing in my head over the perfect thing to say or whether or not to approach her at all. I knew I was never going to get better so I marched over to the quiet section and told her that I was leaving. I took out my business card and told her to text me. She handed my card back to me and said "I don't do the texting or calling people thing." I asked if she kept to herself and she stated yes. My jaw dropped to the floor because of the rejection but I cleared the air because I didn't want to have things be awkward when I shopped there in the future.

Not going to lie the rejection bummed me out.

What is weird is that she looked cute in her work uniform but at the gym she looked tired and lifeless. Her tennis shoes looked like they were 10 years old and her posture was bad. And she was wearing big underwear which is a turn off for me. I could have easily dismissed her but I wanted to make sure I wasn't making excuses in my head to not talk to her. So I forged ahead.

Not going to lie I was messed up for about 30 mins but then I got over it. And I was happy that I went ahead with the approach.

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