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 Post subject: Day 7 / 76 to go
 Post Posted: Sun Aug 21, 2016 11:57 am 

Joined: Thu Sep 11, 2008 12:04 pm
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Woke up too late to go back to the volunteer event that the pretty girl invited me. I texted her my apology and asked how long would she be there. Said she was leaving shortly so I decided not to go.

Met an old friend for lunch. Very attractive. We started off dating years ago but she was cool that I asked her if we could just be friends instead. She agreed and it was one of my best decisions. Are relationship is awesome w/out any drama and we always have each other's back. While waiting for her I made small talk w the older but cute bartender. When I was leaving she was eating on her lunch. I walked up, place my hand softly on her shoulder and told her how much I enjoyed talking to her. Never would have done that before that quickly.

Later on I got a msg on Facebook from a customer I had flirted w a long time ago that became an FB friend. Before I could respond she sent a text to my cell. Basically catching up, wanting to see how I was doing blah blah. Which was weird because recently she was in a relationship on FB. I went into flirt mode for awhile which she responded too. Told her after a bit to message me in an hour when I was free. Didn't hear from her so I just sent her a text that said "So what are we doing tonight?"

Her reply was that she didn't expect us to get together so soon and that she was with her kids. This eventually led to her texting me all night, telling me her dream picnic scenario etc. This scenario did not include sex so I asked her how could a dream date not end with amazing sex. She said that was a given. If not I was ready to give her a hard time. Again, I am pushing talks regarding sex much faster than ever.

Long story short she kept messaging all night, being demanding, revealing etc. I am ready to remind her that she texted me out of the blue and now expected my undivided attention which was not cool.

I later went to get something to eat and noticed this run down Spanish club with a line a mile long before 9pm. I just starting sending texts en masse to Spanish girls asking what was going on. One of them even replied that she was inside with her sister. She didn't ask me to come in. We did text back and forth for awhile and I told her to send me a picture. She didn't.

I am noticing more and more women smiling at me. I am noticing that things are starting to slow down. I am also noticing that I am starting to care less and less about the outcome and just enjoying the process.

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