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 Post subject: Days 8 & 9 / 74 to go
 Post Posted: Mon Aug 22, 2016 11:47 pm 

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Day 8
Everywhere I go I am looking for targets, opportunities and possibilities. At In & Out I selected a table where I was close to the soda machines but still able to see the door. Saw a cute woman in her mid 30s and after a smile, I got up to approach until I noticed her husband coming in late from parking the car. Seemed like this happened again because I was smiling at a young Filipina when her Man came in and stood next to her.

At work I helped a girl with the exact same name as a famous singer. She had her entire family with her. Later on I was able to separate her from her family and got her number. She had just moved into town and wanted me to suggest eating places with her. I started texting her funny stuff in the store but got busted later when her sister borrowed her phone. Texted her a few times later over the weekend but she only replied to one text. Will text her again in a few days.

Miss Back to School, the girl from FB who texted me out of the blue yesterday and all through the evening continued to do so today. Even went to a Tupperware party and told me all about it. Said I have to go to the next one w her.
Asked me if she was bugging me by texting me so much. Of course I said no. Even texted me throughout the McGregor fight. I was going to ask if she wanted to hang out but the fight ended later than I thought that it would. I even told her that exact same thing.

Mrs School Teacher messaged me out of the blue which was surprising because the last time we spoke, I told her that I was no longer interested in her. I told her every technique in the book I tried on her and nothing worked. So I was no longer going to pursue because it took to long and it was too much work. Then she started begging for another chance, her previous baggage damaged her etc, I told her no.
So I was surprised that she reached out to me. Stated that she had seen me in the gym a few days ago and was surprised at how much I had transformed my body. Without thinking I said "Just imagine if you had seen me with my shirt off. You would not be able to control yourself." She asked me when she could see it so I told her very soon.

We began texting throughout the day. At one point I was texting back and forth between Mrs School Teacher and Ms Back to School. The Teacher at one point said that she was cleaning her house (on a Saturday night!) and asked if I wanted to help. I said yes. Was going to use cleaning as an excuse to come by after the fight but after the fight I sent her a text. Said she was already in bed.

In retrospect, I should have pushed with both girls and not worry about how late it was.

Day 9
Flirted w a Black girl at Jack In The Box. Told her that her skin was amazing. Small chit chat until I noticed that I hadn't paid for my food and she was just waiting for my card. I stated that flirting with her caused me to forget to pay. No response from her. Face dropped to the floor.
10 mins later my food still wasn't ready so she went back to make my food herself and she smiled at me when it was done.

Mrs Back To School & Ms School Teacher continued texting me throughout the day. MST told me that she was wearing a pretty summer dress because she knew I liked them. Still didn't send me a pic.
No special texts from Mrs BTS. Just more casual and feeling out texts. Do I like God, my job, etc.

Later on in the night I saw a well dressed Latina off in the distance on a date. She looked like an HB I used to flirt with so I sent her a text asking if she was at that venue. She said no. I texted back "Well she was a pretty Latina dress very well with a really nice ass so I immediately thought of you." She sent me back a bunch of emojis laughing.
Again, I Would not have said something like that in the past.

I feel as if I am progressing fast and I like it.

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