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 Post subject: Results AFTER 12 Days
 Post Posted: Sun Aug 28, 2016 11:16 pm 

Joined: Thu Sep 11, 2008 12:04 pm
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These are my results after the first 12 Days:

Confirmed and Going to Vegas in 3 weeks w an HB I have wanted forever. We have been texting and talking every day since including one 2 hour call around 1am. Says she is excited and doesn't matter what we do. Even sent her pics of outfits that I want her to get. I can't wait myself.

Mrs High School Teacher A has been texting me daily. Asking when we are gonna get together. Says the next time she wants me to surprise her with whatever move that I want or have and doesn't care where it happens. I am thinking of showing up to her classroom when the students aren't there and taking her there.

Mrs High School Teacher B continues to text me at random. I can tell by her texts that she is coming up with anything just to get my attention. I slow play this one because I know she is married although I don't know what the status of the relationship is. Does seem like that it is a sexless and passionate one based on some of the things she says indirectly. I am slow playing things because of karma but I feel sex is inevitable.

Mrs It's Complicated continues to reach out to me often. Every time we go out she tells her man or she won't ask me out because she tells him and doesn't want drama. Yet when we are together she never mentions him, I am clear with my intentions, I smack her on the ass often, I am sexual and masculine and in the moment. Even this morning she asked what my plans were for the day. I don't trip on the karma of this situation because she is always telling they are together, then separated, etc etc and she is the one always pursuing me.

Mrs Zoologist messaged me this morning saying she enjoyed our long phone conversation and agreed to go away with me for the weekend as soon as she has the new custody arrangement worked out with her ex husband. Interesting thing is that she admitted that "her roommate" is someone she has sex with off and on. Has been messaging me off and on all day.

Miss Milf Crush. I have a had a crush on her for 10 years. One of those workout freaks that keeps herself in sexy shape at any age and at work always wears fuck me heels to go with professional outfits. Think a hot paralegal. Final told her how I feel about her. First thought I was joking until I convinced her otherwise. I text her often, let her know how hot she is etc. Yesterday she sent me a pic of her breakfast and I immediately called her without thinking. We had never spoke on the phone before but she immediately picked up and we had a great natural comversation.

I have much more to write but I am noticing that my comfort level and daring-ness is increasing quickly. I talk to woman every where and every chance that I get. Most of the times I am just having fun and not expecting anything.
Making break throughs everywhere. Noticing women noticing me everywhere and smiling at me. And I don't have a target audience I am getting feedback from. Women of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds are smiling or being responsive.

I should close about 3/4 of the girls on my list and I should add at least 3 brand new HBs in the next few weeks.

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