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 Post Posted: Sat Mar 14, 2015 8:07 am 

Joined: Sat Mar 14, 2015 7:58 am
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I really would like to f*ck the 24 years old. She has a gorgeous body, etc. We started talking one afternoon when she was painting the menu on the blackboard of the coffe bar, and i told her "that was a very creative draw".

Now they both know i'm a writer and about my "real" work, i do projects for business so, socially, i'm in a higher level. But the 24 years old i think she was interested in me: most of the time she's quiet, she said she like to listen (bullshit LOL), and then we started to have fun but into the "client/waitress" shit). We talked about a lot of things about my work, a little about her (she's studying psychology, but she's very bad student so that's not her favourite topic, lol).

One day, i told them if they would like to read something i wrote about they and the bar. I won a prize with a storytelling name "The Coffee Shop", so i think that was very congruent. They both (she and her waiteress mate, another girl of 32 wich i have a very good relationship) read it. I wrote it full of erotic shit, not very explicit, but enough.

A few weeks later, i saw the 24 and told her: "you read it?" She said: "yes, well, a bit erotic". "Oh, your mum let you read it?" i said with an ironic smile in my face. She doesn't like it very much, but she smiled me like saying: you bitch! Sometimes, those weeks, i asked her about her studies, and she turns upset (that's nice for me, i enjoy those moments), and i told her that i'm a menthor in life and like to help people.

She points her workmate and told me: help her! (like saying: hey, i'm a big girl, i don't need that support, lol).

After this, I was more than 2 months far away from the coffee bar, and i returned last week. I saw her, alone, in the bar, cleaning some desks, so i went to the opposite side of the coffee. I turned and suddenly, she gave a bug hug.

That was a surprise for me. Didn't expect that.

Later, i was on the phone like 30 mins. After that, she came to me and said:

-your are acting like "i'm an interesting man" with the phone, i think that's not with how you are (like saying: you are doing the "i'm an interesting man shit, girls call me all the time"). And then she took a book of myself i had (first time in a YEAR i went with one to the coffee, because i had a meeting with creative writers) and started saying:

-hey, this erotic words you use, i'm too young for them!

And so...

After that i told her something we talked a few times ago: why don't we got to have a couple beers.

That shit.

But she never said yes, or something like that. She's always in that "let's fun talking" and "look at me because i'm hot and sexy" (she knows she is), but she's a KID too. At least, she's 24.

Well, i'm planning to stop that and get her into friendlyzone, but everytime she sees me she's happy and cames to my desk to talk about 10-15 minutes. Sometimes i say: "hey, your mate is upset because you are not working", and she replays: "i don't care!", and also told me about her life: "hey, now i have a little rabbit" i answered: "another one?" And she smile and laugh and continue the talking. After that, she said: hey touch me here! (her stomach)

-Wao -i said.

It was very tight, it seems he's working hard in the gym. With another girl of my age, around 30-35 or, for me it would be a test, but she's too young that i don't know...

I think it's clear SHE DOESN'T want to date with me, but she's ALL the time:

hey, came more around here (maybe she's only testing his power over me XD). I DO NOT GO EVERY DAY, i used to go 1 day/week, but sometimes i' more than a month, and then again 4-5 weeks go there, but i'm not a regular/everyday client.

EVERY day i go, she insist i go there so... we can talk and she feels like, i don't know, talking with a writer? Because i don't spend a lot of money in the coffee bar XD

What do you think? I'm not going to say nothing again about dating, because she says yes we could, or that shit, but then she stops and we change the topic. It's clear for me she could think that could upset me and she doesn't want to say no, so maybe it's hard for her to say that.

But then, i don't understand those "came here, came here more!", or even when they do parties she insist in that... And i say: hey i was around the coffee that thursday evening (they have parties with beer, live bands, etc.) and she says: -really? why don't you came to say hello?

I don't understand women. Mixed signals, but i think there's nothing to get there. And i really would like to f*uck here, omg, she's a hot brunette and i ONLY want to F*CK HER!

Is that a daddy-girl shit? XD

Any advice? You can read the signals, i think i have 0% to get her to bed (even i can't get her to a date! XD LOL)

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 Post Posted: Wed Mar 18, 2015 8:29 am 

Joined: Sat Mar 14, 2015 7:58 am
Posts: 4
Maybe too long? XD

Any answer will be very appreciated im really lost and dont know what to do... how i could tell her that i want to fuck her.

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