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 Post Posted: Sun May 01, 2011 11:50 pm 
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So a few Casanovas did get called out this weekend after we did the podcast...Kind of odd but none the less...Here's a few tips from my old FR that might help some of you guys in the future. Even Decibel and Crash provided some feedback and input.

I compiled some of the answers here:

NOTE: Use what is comfortable to you..BUT OWN it…Have fun with it. YOU are there to MEET WOMEN.

From Decibel:

That's funny. I got called out last night too. I don't remember what brought it up, but it was something like...

Her: Hey, wait. Have you read that book The Game?
Me: Yes. Have you?
Her: Yeah
Me: You're from New York!
Her: Yeah, so? Was he from New York?
Me: I dunno. (snip and stack)

If I hear something irrelevant, I do a verbal spin and get her confused, then recapture the conversation. If a girl wouldn't let it go and insisted I was a PUA, I'd give her my best PUA imitation which invariably involves biting her neck and pulling her hair, saying "so how am I doing??"

Anyways a lot of times at the root of this is being "gamey." I try to be genuine in set, but once you start using "banter lines" and calling girls troublemakers, you run the risk of getting called out. Oh well, just put her in her place and move on.

From Kinetica:

Just a small note - A lot of women know about pick up. I dont mean just the general populace, but for instance - Friends of PUAs, chicks that work for their companies, some have even dated PUAs and learned about it that way.

I would have personally been like "Yes I am a pua, are you one of our groupies? "

Then she will tell you how she knows, whatever, then after some chat you befriend her and then you can say

"OMG Sarah you're so cool, I'm glad you approached me. So check it out, I wanna meet a hot chick tonight, introduce me to one of your single friends"

Done deal. I would deal with it differently if it was a malicious question but this doesnt seem like it.

Funny - I got called out by a dude on Thursday. He asked if I was a PUA, and I said nope....IM AN MPUA! and approached a set that went pretty well right in front of him lol.


Dude, the GAME is always on bro whether you like it or not! Cosmo, vh1, the internet, friends, books, and past partners are just some of the media talking about pua's these days. The cat's out of the bag. Anyone with an internet connection under 30 must of seen at least one ad for pu related material. Theres people that know about it, just like electricity, they can visually identify and use electricity, but do they really comprehend it fully... probably not. They are bit intrigued, so may think it's really cool.

For instance my buddy was dating this girl that used to work at Hooter's so one time we were at a local bar and I was in my rocker stage and was sportin' Chrome Hearts and a sick custom jacket with fur lining and massive stitch detail on the back and she asked me out of no where, "Do you know Mystery?" At first I thought she said, "Do you know whats a Mystery?" in the loud ass bar, so I said, "Whats so mysterious?" She was like, "No, do you know Mystery." I was like "Whats a mystery...?" "You know, MYSTERY! MYSTERY MYSTERY!" I looked at her confused at first because it was totally random. "Like VH1's Mystery?" "Yeah, you know, Mystery!" Then I thought about it and was like "Oh yeah, I've met Mystery before a few times. He's a cool cat." She bursts out, "OMG I thought knew you knew Mystery. I watch the show the Pick Up Artist all the time! Hey I want you to meet my friend here (pointing to an Asian with massive tits that also worked at Hooter's) and I want you to seduce her. I think she'll like it!" "I'm curious to know why you thought I knew Mystery..." "Oh, just you're style, its really good and most guys are not stylish like you are." "Thanks dear (hug)... now let's talk to your friend over here..."

Another time, I was at a loft party and the host and I were talking and he asked if I was part of "the community." I said, "which community are you referring to, I'm part of several." He asked "You know THE community bro." "Ahhh, you must mean the PU community. Hell yeah" So know when I see this dude in one of my social circles he always wants to push me into sets which I come out victorious, but he wants to teach this stuff but he's not quite up to par... yet.

I used to sort of be ashamed about being a pua and hide that shit like a stash of dirty magazines, but now I really dont give a rats ass, I mean just admit it, you like sex and you like it often with many hot women, whats there to be ashamed of? ... you're a healthy man. What guy wouldn't want that lifestyle? I've met a lot of cool PUAs in field and they've identified me and we always run sets together, it's all love my brother!


i agree with kinetica. i have denied / acted like i was clueless to what they were saying, and i also have admitted it flat out. from my results it is easier to admit it, then to deny it. kinetica is right, lots of girls know about PUA. when i admit it, i hook the set easier. i was at this bar called the B.I., met this girl who has read the book "the game" and asked me if i was a PUA, because of how i was dressed. I told her yes. she told her cute friend i was in the game, and explained it to her what it was. we all venue bounced to another bar. I made out with her cute friend in the back seat on our way there (she had a boyfriend i found out later) then later that night, made out with the other girl at her friends house (she had a boyfriend too). I'm sharing this with you because there is really no down side to girls knowing you know how to talk to woman and pick them up. David-X says: never deny anything a girl accuses you of.


girl: your a pervert
guy: yes i am.

when you deny it, you validate it. instead, do what decibel does and admit it then deflect it. octane also says it from experience, only good things come out of admitting your a PUA. people do admire you and want to watch you pick up girls or there cute friends. be who you are. good luck!


It sounds to me like she was attracted to you. She did open you after all. And she kept trying to invest in you. It's obvious that she was curious about you and wanted to know more.

Honestly, I would have taken it and run with it.

Her: You're a PUA.
Me: And that turns you on.


Getting called out:

I just read the initial post, and my thoughts are that this girl liked you, and was shit testing you. Denying it, and ignoring it, are actually a DLV.

It's like you want to be a PUA, but are afraid to admit it.

Next time a girl asks you if you're a PUA, you PROUDLY tell her "YES I AM." Don't give a SHIT what some random chick thinks about you. Plus, a woman can't give you shit if you simply admit what you're doing. Hell, it's a great way to isolate her, and tell her your experiences!

Women sometimes accuse a guy who's a PUA as just being about getting laid, and you want to dispel that, even if it's true. My response has always been:

"Nope, that's not it at all for me anyway. I can get laid anytime. I got into this because I really wanted to meet a great, quality girl I could have a relationship with, I used to be intimidated by those women, but not anymore." (Incidentally, that actually is the truth for me. One reason I haven't been doing much pickup lately is because I'm kind of seeing someone...but it appears that may be ending soon... but on good terms, so that's ok.)

The other thing I've done when women accuse me of doing pickup is the "turn the tables" routine. I tell them "you think it's easy? Fine. Try to pick me up. Heck, try to even start a conversation with me."

Once I get them to play, I then let them open me. 90% of the time, they use a lame ass opener... to which I playfully "snub" them, give them shit for their "line" then I tell them "See, it isn't easy. Try again...." and the routine continues.

"Are you trying to pick me up?"

Ever get that question? Most of us have.

The response:

"No.... I'm trying to figure out if you're cool enough that I'd WANT to pick you up..."

(Which is a qualifying statement, and many times they start qualifying themselves.)

I've also had women tell me "nah. I'm not cool. I'm totally lame."
(which is a shit test)

Me, (smiling) "Wow. That sucks. Have you always been lame, or is that a learned talent?"

One night, I had a girl that did shit test after shit test like this on me. First, I played with it. We kept bantering, but she wouldn't drop the "I (meaning she) is so lame" stuff.

Finally I said "look, I get it. It's a shit test."
Her: "What's a shit test?"
Me: "It's when you give a guy shit to see how he will handle it. Will he be a dick and get pissed? Will he walk away? Or is he a cool guy who isn't affected by my bitchy behavior? Will he play with it and have fun? It's your way of weeding out the douche bags..."

She got a HUGE smile on her face, and said, "you're exactly right!"

The shit testing stopped, and we ended up hanging together for much of the night.

So there you go....some really good feedback...There is no inner issues going at the moment it happens..

WOMEN will hear something that sounds familiar or triggers there sense of a "PUA" or "PLAYER" vibe....It just happens to us when we get "gamey"...

Remember women may have heard this over and over especially if we go to venues where there are tons of PUAs there running the same routines over and over on them WITHOUT originality.

No worries, CASANOVAS....Keep having fun with it and own it...meaning you love meeting women..and if two people vibe..there is nothing wrong with that...


:hi: :good: :hi:


"If you’re willing to do today what others won’t, you can perform tomorrow like others can’t."

"Tell me and I'll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I'll understand.”
- Chinese proverb

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 Post Posted: Mon May 02, 2011 12:10 am 
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In regards to COLLEGE GAME, here is a video from under 21 convention created Anthony "DREAM" Johnson. This was way back in 2008 but the premises are still valid for today.

He had Braddock from Love Systems speak about it. Some solid information for you guys still studying in college. Its a good 1 hour lecture. So LISTEN and take some notes that might help you also!




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"If you’re willing to do today what others won’t, you can perform tomorrow like others can’t."

"Tell me and I'll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I'll understand.”
- Chinese proverb

Co-host of Gudtimes with a Sixpack and Stogie Show

 Post Posted: Mon May 02, 2011 12:42 am 
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So we talked about shit tests/Congruency Tests on the podcast. Women like to throw these at us to test us...really to see if we are CONGRUENT to who WE ARE. She may throw these at us in the beginning, middle or at the end of the interaction.

Jace Lancer gave a well thought out explanation:

So what is a shit/congruence test?

A shit test is any time someone (even a man) will try to put YOU into a role that IS NOT who you really are. (FRAMING YOU to what they want to PERCEIVE YOU TO BE)

Here's some examples:

HB: "You probably just want to sleep with me."
HB: "You seem like a player."
HB: "Is that a pick up line?"

In this situation, the woman is trying to force you into a role where your trying to sleep with her, she's also assuming she's higher value than you.

Or say you are in a club and you are showing some people something, and some guy comes along and says...

AMOG: "Dude, show me a trick, man that looks super cool, your cool man."

So in this instance he's trying to tool on you, and put you into a role where your qualifying yourself to him.

A shit test also can take place when when someone asks something of you that you know they wouldn't do for you.

Person/HB: "Hey, will you go and get me something?"

So what are some ways to deal with this? I know you've all experienced failing these test, and you can see that the interaction changes for the worst when this happens. So I have a couple ways to get through this.


01. Give the person what they want, but show no emotional reaction to what they're saying.

Example: AMOG: "Hey dude! Show me what your showing them, c'mon!"
PUA: "Okay....come here." (This is done emotionlessly)

So instead of him coming in and you qualifying to him, he looks overexcited, and really just comes off to the crowd as obnoxious, and what he's doing is clear to the other members of the interaction.

02. Treat whatever they said with a sarcastic and unreactive response.

HB: "I hate people from *your town*".
PUA: "Lol oooh Okay." (Sarcastic tone then new topic)

It's important not to react. That's what they're looking for, just to see if they can get you to react and play into the role they're assuming you will.

03. Use whatever the person said to you to reinforce a judgment you made about them previously.

So like, lets say you told a girl she was trouble in the interaction earlier

HB: "Your an asshole."
PUA: "Wow, I was totally right. You are trouble!"

This shows that they're playing into the frame YOU set, as opposed to you falling into her "asshole" frame.

04. Respond to whatever ridiculous statement they made with one equally ridiculous.

HB: "I bet you just go around trying to hit on every girl here."
PUA: "Yeah this is a fun place, I like the bands they have."

You can almost use this to answer the question that you wish they'd asked. Sometimes any response is bad.

05. Ignore the statement completely

This works really well, and it's personally my 2nd favorite.

This works well on both men and women and is incredibly powerful. It conveys that your high value, that you are used to being treated a certain way and that whatever they're saying is just ridiculous to you. It will also cause AMOGs and assholes to get aggravated.

06. Make them repeat themselves

This one's a lot of fun. When someone tries to get you to fall into a role or take a shit test, just act like you didn't here them.

HB: "I bet you like to talk dirty."
PUA: "What?"
HB *Repeat*

Works awesome on AMOGs as well.

07. Misunderstanding.

This ones awesome. You can basically take a statement someone made, and make it seem like you thought whoever gave you the test was doing something else. So instead of responding to the test you act like-

-They tried to compliment you
-They tried to impress you
-They tried to entertain you
-They tried to hit on you
-They want your approval

NOTE: You don't want to do this a lot, it's to be used sparingly, or else you seem like your overcompensating.

The worst way to respond to any shit test is logically. If you respond by trying to make sense of it, or try to argue, then you play into the frame. It's important to be sure that whatever method you use it's done without giving the tester a reaction, and not giving them a serious response, because they're not being serious with you, they don't deserve a serious reaction.

Also from another source in my notes:

A woman's number one emotional priority is safety and security. Above all, she wants a man who makes her feel safe and protected.

It would be convenient if she could simply ask each man in order to determine whether or not he will be able to adequately support and protect her and her offspring. But of course he would then lie in order to obtain sex — so she must test.

It's important to remember that often she is not deliberately testing you. It's not necessarily something that she is consciously aware of She just gets a feeling to behave a certain way, and so she does. Based on how you react to this, she then feels either more or less attracted as a result. This is known as a congruence test.

If she views you as a contender, then she will test you. A woman often won't even bother to test losers — instead she'll just become non-responsive and then leave as soon as she can. Thus, a test can be considered an indicator of interest, of sorts.

Congruence tests are a double-edged sword; if you respond the right way, she will be noticeably more attracted to you after the test. But if you fail, then she will be noticeably less attracted.

Congruence tests are generally thrown out by women, as it is important for them to realize if they are sleeping with an alpha male or a beta male posing as an alpha male. Biologically, this distinction in sexual selection can affect her gene pool for the rest of her evolutionary life.

Sometimes, a high value player may want to test the congruency of a girl, to make sure she is not a gold digger, totally crazy, or that she genuinely likes him.

A congruence test can take many forms. It can be non verbal, such as a girl getting close to you and seeing if you become nervous. A true PUA would not flinch as beautiful women are common in their lifestyle. It can be a compliance test such as, “Will you get me a drink?”. If the PUA is conveying alpha male characteristics but comply to this request without asking for something in return, the woman’s intuition will sense incongruency, forcing her to throw more tests.

A test can also take the form of a shit test/neg, such as, “this is boring, that guy over there is cute”. PUAs do not tolerate bad behavior, and ignorance will not work on this particular shit test. In response, the PUA can say “yeah, he is cute, isn’t he? Come let’s go meet him. I will introduce you.” Flip the script. Ignore irrelevant shit tests, and appropriately punish and reward good and bad behavior.

Passing one congruence test may not get a PUA all the way to sex, as women throw these out throughout the seduction timeline. The most effective way to pass congruence tests is, in reality, to be become truly congruent.


Since we have been talking about it at length on this podcast and previous ones, just wanted to share some of my notes with you on this topic.

Since someone was kind enough to put it all together..I kept these notes for myself and now for the Casanova crew for both new and experienced.

Feedback would be appreciated and any additional good information welcome to be added. This could be placed in the CC FAQ section, Austin?

Anyways...use whichever tips above to help you and what is "congruent" with you..experiment, practice, and preparation is key...if you are prepared with at least 2 of these examples, you will look more solid with your "FRAME" when a woman gives you a "SHIT TEST" or "CONGRUENCE TEST"


:hi: :hi: :good: :good: :hi: :hi:


"If you’re willing to do today what others won’t, you can perform tomorrow like others can’t."

"Tell me and I'll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I'll understand.”
- Chinese proverb

Co-host of Gudtimes with a Sixpack and Stogie Show

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