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 Post Posted: Sun May 08, 2011 11:34 pm 
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- Boxman trades in his V card for some sloppy pusspuss

- He almost loses her over a game of beer pong

- Decibel talks about the birds and the bees...NOT SAFE FOR WORK

- When old condoms break inside the girl you've just busted inside

- Does Boxman STILL have oneitis??

- Gangbang spectacular at Sixpack's house!!

- OMFG two dicks in her filthy mouf at once?!?! (this shit gets WEIRD)

- And still, no pussy for d0pe. Awwwwwwww

- dope worries he's lost a lay over bad phone game

- Decibel tells him 11 times not to worry about it (LOLzzzzz)

- Phone vs text game...which is better?

- "kino escalation" works well, unless you want to get laid

- setting up the day 2 to increase odds of banging (this is GOLD, kiddies!!)

- d0pe's parents don't want him to get laid

- fucking in the front seat, fucking in the back seat...gotta make my mind up, which seat can I take?

Who will be the next inductee into the n00b HALL OF FAME????


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 Post Posted: Mon May 09, 2011 8:06 am 
Host of the Decibel Show "n00b"/CCLA Member/CC Best Homegrown Coach 2010
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Good work Boxman.


The legend continues...

Street Kings, Gigsaw vs Doc:

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MAN SCHOOL. Let's get this handled.

Coming soon, my directorial debut, Blood Rush.

 Post Posted: Wed May 11, 2011 2:19 pm 
CCOC Team Lead
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Great show, tons of great points :drinks:

Just to clarify, Steamy wasn't one of the guys who fucked her that chick, though I'm sure he could of...

On another note, Dope could have banged the chick....Had he played his cards right. I got the two of them making out close to the end, then I walked away to let him try to pursue her. Gotta stay escalating bro because she was ready for almost anybody to stick it inside that night...She was bragging about how many dicks were in her, yet she was still horny, lol

Who the hell ever told you a text like "Hey sexy, how's it going?" is too forward? I know it certainly wasn't anyone in my crew....And to clear up what I told you about calling a girl instead of texting her. It's a whole different ballgame then what you guys were talking about...The girl I told you to call was DTF that night and taking forever to get back to your text, so I told you to call to speed up the process before it was too late and her buying temperature dropped. Risky yes, but it was either then or never with the girl so that's why I suggested the phone call....As for every other situation, I text girls 99% of the time myself :drinks:

As for Dope being drunk, we don't let him drink before he goes out with us....He didn't have a drink until we all got back to my pad afterwards. He only took two shots the whole night, but because his tolerance is so low he got a little tipsy!

~ Just Mingle, Stay Single My Friends

You Can't Change The Past, But You Can Do Something About The Future

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