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 Post Posted: Wed Jan 11, 2012 3:49 am 
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(Repost from my Blog)

When the Athenians vanquished the Persians at the Battle of Marathon, an incredible upheaval in the course of history had taken place. The polis of Athens and her hoplite armies of 10,000 citizen soldiers had overcome some 100,000 Persian mercenaries. Through this battle, the Greeks reaffirmed the might of their democratic culture, gave a unified Greece under Alexander the Great a reason to wage war against Persia, and allowed early Western culture to not only survive- but flourish.

Some might even say that the action of some ten thousand hoplites can be felt to this day. I, the author to this humble little article might get a question instead: A question regarding the correlations between war, history, and seduction. To that, I will answer that they are all interrelated: it is the matter of confidence that binds them together. Confidence, a type of esprit de corps on the battlefield allows: countries-to reshape the world, armies-to move whole mountains, individuals-to reach the heavens themselves. Without confidence, conviction and belief in oneself, no task be accomplished, and certainly… no type of seduction can be made possible.

Before we can get to the topic at hand, the timeless art of seduction, there is an issue to address, an issue that is deeply hidden in our modern world. With so many distractions, and the morbid associations it comes with, most people would prefer to avoid such an issue. It is mysterious, yet deviously inevitable: death. Why must I bring up such a foul topic? To quite the cult-class ‘Fight Club’:

"You have to know, not fear, that some day you are going to die. Until you know that and embrace that, you are useless."- Tyler Durden

If one were to take anything from the Iliad, it was despite the fact that mortals do eventually die, existence as we know it, is an arena to prove one’s glory. Perhaps the walls of Troy had crumbled onto dust, Achilles’s remains long become ash, but their stories continue to endure. The fear of death denies the individual to pursuit one’s mission in life to its fullest. One such aspect of the human psyche that supplements the fear of death is the ego itself.
In Freudian psychology the ego acts according to a reality principle. That is, the ego seeks to please the subconscious mind in realistic ways that will bring it long term happiness, rather than to dab into grief. As such, the ego will shield away the unknown. It cannot tolerate uncertainty. This allows the mind to rationalize a loose concept of reality that includes to denial of death. To simply put, the ego creates a reality in one’s mind, which gives them a false sense of control over the unpredictable turmoil of existence.

Thus confidence cannot stem from the ego alone. The ego will always seek ways to mask fears and insecurities. To accept the horrors of the unknown is to agree to the servitude of doubt. One compares him or herself to others, usually not for objective purposes, but rather to validate one’s existence. Confidence that stems from belief in oneself is necessary to fuel one’s purpose in life. Total and utter conviction in one’s mission does not need external validation, it stems from being in the moment of existence- an act to prove one’s glory for the sake of itself. For example, take the notion of success. People attempt to find happiness in the future. They believe that achieving a certain type of income, or a certain type of career, or to retire at a certain age is to achieve a certain type of success. When they finally find this supposed goal of happiness, they will ultimately find themselves instead too exhausted, had too much time squandered, or have become too old. If the purpose of one’s life is to stroke one’s ego in the vain pursuit of titles and positions, then this type of confidence is indefinitely unsustainable. Instead, confidence must come naturally without the fear of death; it comes from the drive, the tenacity to accomplish a goal, for its own sake, rather than its outcome. Achieving these goals does not make life meaningful. There is no glory in its anticlimactic conclusion. There is however, meaning in the pursuit of the task. There is however, glory in the pursuit of a goal. No Greek will remember how each Spartan died at Thermopylae. Yet every student in the world will study at one point or another, their sacrifice.

"But if I do not strive, then who shall?"- Sun Tzu

One day, you will eventually die. But until then, your existence is good to its last drop. There are things in life that are worthy in pursuing for its own sake. Matters of love are one of them. It is important to have the confidence required, and to have the trust necessary in oneself to pursuit these goals. The confidence that the Greeks gained from defeating the Persians at Marathon not only allowed them to only one day dismantle the Persian Empire, but to preserve early Western civilization which still dominates the world to this very day.

-Rogue Wolf

"It doesn't matter who we are. What matters is our plan."

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