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 Post Posted: Fri Mar 29, 2013 9:50 pm 

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Now this a story you guys will love to read. And I can garanty that this is the kinda of stuff that will make you think a little about all the actions your going to make in the futur.

Fall of 2006, I get booked in south Florida by a double agent for who was posing as a prostitute. Get finger printed, picture taken, filled in, offered a strange sandwich to eat, got look at by horny eyes from the inmates....accused, judge and sentenced.

Get release the day after.

I hire a lawer, he clears me of all charges and sentence. I'm free, I can travel...everything is great no?

Fast forward to last week, I put a profil up on a social network. Then I enter my name in google.

Surprise, first result... my face pic taken at the station.

OK, let's click on that picture....

A link to a site that host the pics of everyone that has been arrested in florida.

Another surprise? the charges appears, but the the decision of the court to take out the accusation and judgement does not appear!

So what the fuck do I do? I call my lawer. He tells me I am being scammed.

Next surprise...I make research, and I found out that this link as been on since 2 years!

Any of you guy's read my last posts? I did mention that I could not find a stable job since 2 years right?

Now who are these fuckers? Guy's who take advantages of the information that is being put on the net. Guy's who take those info, manipulate the search engine to put their links first and then charge a fee to take it out.

And guess what? It's legal!

So i contact the sites, send them a copy of the court and they take out the pics and the links inside one week. But they are still 2 links to take out!

Now talk about fucking up my inner gamme! or my state of mind!

Question? How many people googled my name? How many people I know googled my name? How many people that knows me googled my name?

And here is my golden question today... How many people I considered my friend, googled my name, saw the link AND DID NOT TELL ME?

I will never know.

Last week I wrote an official statement detailing the situtaion that I was scammed for 2 years and that all charges where taken off, downloaded the decision of the court on a web page, put the link on the statement... and send it to all my professional network, all my past employers, all the employers that has fire me with no valuable reason, all my facebook friends, everryone I can think of.

I sent over one hundred messages, and 5 people confirmed reading it out of the five 3 showed support. And the rest....silence....

so that's the story for now, operation clean up my name!! Fuck If I ever meet these fuckers I will personaly stick fold their asshole on top of their head!

Been of work since 2 months, can't get a interview in 2 years after sending douzens of resume, lost an important contract in february with a big fucking firm...this shit as hurt me.

And i'm close to be broke and out of cash.

In the last 2 years, a lot a woman where being totaly hostile with me at work, others where questioning my past, where I worked, where I lived, digging pretty deep. My last boss was asking me all kind of weird question regarding my relation with woman.

This shit got far. i don't know how far, but far.

Moral of the story? Everyone of your move on the internet can be traced, loged and use against you!

Not so Silver right now!

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