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 Post Posted: Tue Nov 15, 2011 7:43 pm 

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What's up guys :hi: No I'm not dead. Just isolated up in NorCal for now with the family.

When I was a slave in ProHo 2 months ago, we never had any time to go out. So I wound up dabbling in online game. Hydro gave me some really clutch info, and whatever your opinion is about him, the guy knows online game. So since then I've been researching and experimenting online game like a madman.

After getting countless numbers and meeting up with and laying 4 different girls (1 yesterday, #5 coming up on Thursday, and #s 6-8 when I make my way back down to SoCal) in the past month - during which I was couchsurfing/practically living out of my car and changing cities almost every week - I feel I've learned enough about online game to write something like this. Hopefully this will be of use to some guys here. I'm not saying this is THE way to run online game, but it's definitely what's been working best for me, especially in a really difficult time. I trust it'll work for you guys. And so I present to you...


Some Backstory
Since leaving Vince's disaster in ProHo and moving back with my family, I haven't been going out much. Mostly because the female population here are all old Asian and Indian women, and also because I don't know any PUAs in the area. POF and OKCupid have kept me above water though, and actually really helped my inner game. It's almost too easy.

Physical Attractiveness and Online Dating
For women, being on an online dating site is like being in 100 clubs at once. On any given day their inbox will be crammed with dozens of messages from horny AFCs telling them how pretty they are, or asking them on a date in their opener. Some girls have told me they have hundreds of this messages.

Since you're dealing with this kind of white noise and can only convey so much of your awesome personality in an online message (as opposed to walking up to a girl in a club and attracting her with your tonality, body language, kino, etc... all the things you can't do online), you're going to have to stand out as much as you can. One of the things that will make you stand out is being good-looking. It might be harsh to hear, but it's true. All the girls I've met up with so far told me part of the reason they continued talking with me is because they thought I was cute.

If you think you're not a naturally handsome dude, then we'll talk about alternative options later in the guide.

The Crucial Points of Online Game
Logistically, online game isn't hard. There are three main areas: you need to have a kickass profile, the right kinds of photos, and, probably the most important part, sending engaging messages... you need to be able to maintain a conversation with girls in a way that's radically different from all the gameless AFC chodes messaging them "omg ur so pretty here's my #".

Within the realm of messaging, there are two incredibly important factors: the subject line of your message (if the site you're using allows for that) and the initial message you send (your opener).

I find it also helps to apply a lot of infield game theory to online game.

Let's look a bit more into these.

Pimping Out Your Profile

As guys, sometimes all we need is to see that she's hot in her photos to want to contact her. But believe it or not, girls WILL read your profile, and it WILL matter to them what they see. When a girl reads your profile, it's your chance to showcase a more interesting personality where you're pretty limited in your opener message.

First, if you want to know what NOT to do for online game, just look at the majority of dudes' profiles on a dating site. They're almost all identical and boring as hell.

Here are a few examples of things you should never never never EVER put in your profile:

"I'm new to this online dating thing"
"Just trying this out"
"my name is"
"I do this for a living, make this much money, drive this kind of car"
"I'm a laidback/energetic/happy-go-lucky guy" (basically don't SAY what kind of person you are.... SHOW it. Remember, a rich man doesn't need to tell you he's rich)
Don't ever talk about the kind of girl you're looking for

And the ones that are so bad girls will actually TELL YOU not to do it in their profiles:

Typin lyk dis... srsly dnt do it cuz ull lok lik a fkin retrded chmpnzee
Putting up shirtless photos of yourself (though if you've got an EXCEPTIONAL body, you might be able to get away with it)
Giving out your contact info in the first message
Generally being a creeper
Telling them how cute they are/commenting on something so obvious about them they hear it from EVERYONE (eg. she has stunning green eyes)

Now, for what you actually WANT to put in your profile, it's important first to understand what kind of mentality you should have (or at least portray) about online dating. That mentality is that you don't give a shit. Basically, take the abundance mentality you want to learn for normal game and apply it to your profile.

If you want an example, here's my POF profile. Just don't be a copy+paste whore: http://www.pof.com/viewprofile.aspx?profile_id=31613548

My description sounds like a bunch of Chuck Norris Jokes. In fact, I actually looked some up to get an idea of what I should write, and tweaked them to fit my personality. The mindset your profile should convey is "I'm awesome, I'm fun, but I'm not so full of myself I can't be silly about it"... this, in effect, subcommunicates the mindset "I'm happy enough with my life that I don't have to take this online dating thing seriously" (the abundance mentality). Many times girls will tell me mine is the most interesting profile they've ever seen on OKC/POF.

If you're profile is interesting enough, and you have some decent photos up, girls might even contact YOU first. Just the other night a girl messaged me saying she likes the part in my profile about making out in the rain (something I borrowed from a guy off attractionforums, forgot his name, but credit to him!). It was super easy to sexualize the conversation from there.

Your Photos

The photos you use on your profile can be tricky business... also, some people say it doesn't hurt to use as many as you want, while others will give you a certain number. I don't know if the number truly matters, but I generally keep it in the range of 4-6 photos.

What KIND of photos you use is much more important. It's almost a faux pa to have a shirtless photo of yourself (unless you have an exceptional body, or the photo itself is really fuckin awesome, like you're naked on a horse firing a crossbow at a Hummer or something). If you're not sure if your body warrants an exception, by all means give it a try... but I can't tell you what to expect.

I've categorized the kinds of photos to use into 4 different groups: photos with social proof, photos with girls (also part social proof), photos that show how sexy you are, and photos of you being fun/doing a hobby/etc. If you do too much of any one kind of photo, you'll look try hard. I would also suggest limiting yourself to 1 sexy photo, absolutely no more than 2, or you risk looking self-absorbed. Remember, you want to think what your photos convey about you.

If you don't consider yourself an attractive guy, there are ways around it. First, if you aren't new to the community then you should know that being well-groomed and well-dressed can make even the ugliest motherfucker look somewhat appealing. Second, get some professional photos of yourself taken, and you CAN do this for free. The easiest way is if you have a friend who's into photography. If not, go to http://www.onemodelplace.com and set up a profile. There are tons upon tons of photographers on there looking for models to shoot to build their portfolio... if you don't want to pay, look for the ones whose profiles say TFP/TFCD (trade for print/trade for CD). That means you meet the photographer, have your photos taken, are given printed copies or a CD with your pictures, and the photographer gets to use your pictures as well, so it's free for both.

If you've ever seen professional/modeling photos of someone you know, chances are they look a hell of a lot more attractive in them, no matter what they usually look like.

Your Opener and Ensuing Conversation

Unlike normal game, the opener you use in online game is VERY FUCKING IMPORTANT. Probably the most important element of the whole damn thing, because if you send a shitty message, the girl won't even reply. Look at this way: infield, you can walk up to a girl and say anything you want. No matter her reaction, you still have a chance to anchor her interest in you after the opener... unless your opener was super offensive or creepy, she's not (usually) going to be rude enough to just turn and leave. Plus, walking up and starting a conversation with a girl takes some amount of balls, and she'll recognize that.

Online, however, it demands very little confidence to send a message to a girl. The fact that you messaged her won't always be enough to capture her interest so that she responds. So what you say to her initially needs to be interesting enough to stand out from all the chodely messages she gets that she wants to answer you. If you ever want to see what NOT to message a girl, make a female profile on a dating site, give it a picture or two, and wait about 15 seconds before your inbox is stuffed full of lame messages like "hey cutie how was ur day" or "wow you are so beautiful... if you're interested in talking my # is..."

There are 2 different ways to go about messaging girls... either read their profile and tailor your message to that (pro: higher likelihood of a response.... con: takes more time, investment), or construct a message you can just mass-send to multiple girls (pro: much faster... con: less likelihood of a response, some girls can smell a cut + paste message a mile away). Or, you might want to use a bit of both tactics in your message.


Just like infield, there are endless varieties of ways to construct your opener. So I'm just going to give you what's worked for me. The only difference is you can get away with openers that are more gimmicky or silly because girls are literally bored to tears of getting lame AFC messages.

If the site you're using asks for a subject line, first and foremost NEVER let it start with the letter H... "Hi" is the default message for POF, and so many guys leave it as such that most girls will just delete anything they see starting with H because it looks so similar.

My subject/opener combo lately has been:

subject- ...okay...?
message- So let's be honest... how many douchebags on here send you lame messages like "hey ma u so fineee"?

This message is money. Before, I was getting a pretty lousy response rate, maybe only 40%. With this message it's gone up to maybe 3/4 of the girls I message, 90% if they're online at the time I message them.

You can seriously put almost anything for your subject line as long as it stands out. For a while I was using "I am the eggman, I am the walrus" and still had a decent response rate.

There's a guy called _Cane_ over at attractionforums who also has a really good online game guide... he prefers to let his subject do the work.

_Cane_'s opener:

subject- Do you like milk with ice?
message- hey there

I think the effectiveness of you opener you use has a lot to do with your photos and profile, because I've tried some openers from other guides that the author will swear works almost all the time for him but only gets me a meager response rate. So you might have to play around with it before you find an opener that really works for you.

Just remember you'll have a better chance of being responded to if you message her WHILE SHE'S ONLINE... otherwise you risk your shiny little gem of a message getting buried in an avalanche of shit from a bunch of AFCs and she'll miss it.


You want to get her off of dating on the messaging site and onto phone or at least Facebook as fast as the conversation allows. If you wait too long, you risk her losing interest or losing your message in the 500 lame ones she constantly deletes. If you ask too early, she may not even respond; she'll want to at least talk to you in real-time to make sure you're not weird or anything. Also, you can look at it as bouncing to a different venue (i.e. different method of communication).

I've gotten numbers in as few as 3 messages. I'm sure it could be done in just 2, possibly even the opener, but I wouldn't bother trying unless you look like George Clooney or something. It works the same as infield... wait til you've established enough comfort before you ask for her number.

The #1 conversation killer most guys make in online dating is that they try to establish a date WHILE STILL TALKING TO HER ON THE DATING SITE. DO NOT do this. It will never work, and in all likelihood she just won't respond. Always, always, always wait until you get her to texting, or maybe even after you've spoken to her on the phone.

I always get her number by eventually ending a message with something like:

"I don't check this thing too often... send me your # and I'll swing you a text"
"This messaging thing is kinda tedious... send me your # and i'll send you a text"
"Are you emotionally available for texting?"

Once I'm texting with them, eventually I want to see a photo of them... partly to make sure they're as attractive as the photos on their profile make them look, and partly for compliance. I'll say something like "Send me a picture... I want to know what you look like at 6:12pm on a Tuesday." It works 99% of the time.

Here's a few examples of conversations I've had with girls from POF (it reads bottom-to-top, that's just how POF structures it). I know these took longer than necessary to # close... I ended up just having fun with the conversation, but I figure it provides more material to study anyway. (credit for the opener goes to a guy from PUAforums)

Girl #1: (got her #, texted her, called her, and slept with her on first date)

Her: I'll be recording the sound of two pickles rubbing
No no. Music, of course. I sing. A lot. All the time. And
I'm planning on learning all I can to be the best musician
I can. That's what I go to school for.
I don't really know what genre of music I'll stick with.

530-###-#### I'm Chloe, by the way.

Me: Interesting. What will you be recording? And yes, the Queen
is a fast learner. Was able to pull off an upside-down
double back flip reach-around in just 2 weeks.

I don't check this thing too often... send me your number
and I'll swing you a text.

Her: I think I would exacerbate the ADD.

I'm an overly confident college student with a huge dream,
so remember this face, because I may be a platinum
recording artist someday.
Funny, I too get green from the Queen. I give her how-to-
be-better-than-everyone-else-at-everything lessons.
She's doing swell.

Me: Well good. I like to hang out with people with my kind of
crazy to keep my ADD under control.

I'm a moderately narcissistic recent college graduate
journalist. I'd offer you more but I'd have to charge you
money. Also I strip for the Queen of Britain for side cash.
And I hunt zombies. Your turn.

Her: Oh my, an ego to boot?
I can already tell you must be an exhausting person to hang
out with.
Which is fine with me, because I'm not exactly a meek lil'
thing myself.
I'm up to...my eyeballs in homework. That's what.

What are you all about?

Me: Well thanks. I'm just doin what I do. If you like my
personality then you should see my ego, it's absolutely
monstrous. What are you up to, love

Her: I literally just laughed out loud for a good twenty seconds
while reading your "about me". Which is a good thing.
You've got a gigantic personality (which I already gathered
from that first message), and that's awesome.

Her: In your imaginary world, why did you marry me? I don't
really want to know why you divorced me. That's just a
nasty memory now.

Me: After a brief overview of your profile, I wanted to let you know I have
already married and divorced you in my mind.

Thanks for all the wonderful imaginary memories... you will always have a special
place in my heart.

Your ex-hubby,


p.s. You can keep the house in Hawaii, but I am going to need half our money
according to our prenup.

From: TheLucidDreem
Sent Date:10/30/2011 10:37:59 PM Subject: okay....?

Girl #2: (txted her, told her to send me a picture, first got a face photo and then a nude photo without asking for it... conversations have gotten very sexual. Hanging out with her in 2 days)

Her: I decided a few years ago that wearing a chastity belt,
whilst trying to pull off skin tight jeans, was just a big

I am emotionally available for texting, yes. However, I am
not always the fastest at responding to texts, as my days
normally consist of heisting banks. Do be patient.

and let me know it's you, so I don't assume someone has
figured me out and have to do a trace on your phone number.

Me: I only chloroform my closest friends, so you're good. You,
however, will have to fight temptation. Fyi I wear a
chastity belt.

I don't check this thing too often... are you emotionally
available for texting?

Her: I'll try my best not too, I cannot promise it won't happen,
but I'll try to resist. Likewise, you may not do the same
to me.

Down. You just have to promise not to chloroform me and
take advantage of my unconscious body. Idk what kind of
crazy girl you might be.

:) let's do this.

Me: Well YEAH, that's where the contact is who'll help us plan
our deaths in a local sandstorm. You're so cute when you're
indecisive about the country you want to fake your death


But do we HAVE to go to Bahrain?

Planning to rob a bank, flee to Bahrain, fake my death, and live out the rest of my
days in French Polynesia. Scuba tanks are in the trunk. You in?


From: TheLucidDreem
Sent Date:11/3/2011 3:35:14 PM Subject: 6 x 3 15

More on Messaging
I do role reversal in almost all of my conversations... flipping around the standard male-pursuing-female frame of mind. I make her promise not to stalk me, etc. because 1) most guys don't do that and 2) it insinuates that she's pursuing me.

I don't want to get into text/phone game here because that's a different guide in itself. If I were to tell you one thing about my text game, it's that I use the same basic rules for online game I talk about here in the texts I send.

Got Her on a Date?
Congratulations! You're as good as laid. The same rule applies to most dates acquired from infield, of course, but even more so for dates with girls from online... if she's comfortable enough with you to 1) respond to your message, 2) give you her phone #, and 3) spend time to actually meet you, a guy from the internet, which can be a scary thing for girls... that's all you need to know that she wants fuck. And since you both came from a dating site, your intentions are pretty clear. Just don't be a creeper, have fun on the date, and use the game you have.

Really, I'm in the headspace where being on a date with her is like her telling me "I want to suck your dick in about 2 hours."

Final Thoughts on Online Game
By all rights, my inner game should be shit right now. I just graduated from college, I'm in a town where I know almost nobody (family moved here while I was still in university), I don't know any PUAs, I have no job (yet), and I haven't gone out in a while (tho I plan to once I get my shit in order). By all rights I should still be on anti-depressants and still fighting depression.

Since I started online game though, I feel more confident in myself. It allows you to hold more conversations with more women than you normally would have the time to do so infield. Because of that, I've learned how to have more fun conversations, and I've gotten to where if I'm on a date, I know for a fact I can at least get to fooling around with her. If you can't do normal sarging for whatever reason, online dating is a great way to find cool girls to hang out with who aren't all uptight about their sexuality.

How will this all affect me when I get back infield? I'm not sure, especially since it's been a while. But I know that I'll be much stronger in field now. I'll be able to go out without any expectations because no matter how the night goes, I still have girls waiting for me on the side. It's taken a lot of pressure off of me.

CC's been really good to me, so I want to give something back. Online game has really helped me take my game (and how I feel about myself in general) to the next level. With this guide I hope it does the same for you.


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TheLucidDreem wrote:
After getting countless numbers and meeting up with and laying 4 different girls (1 yesterday, #5 coming up on Thursday, and #s 6-8 when I make my way back down to SoCal) in the past month

Great results! Thanks for taking the time to write and share these solid, well thought-out tips.

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Probably not a good idea to have the same screen name on your POF as your CasanovaCrew Pickup Screen name LOL!

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pretty gotta read. Gotta start trying this out.

Click Here for a good time.

 Post Posted: Sat Apr 21, 2012 11:51 am 

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so Lucid and Enthalpy, argued with me on the last topic about online dating yet..

Lucid said being good LOOKING is important

enthalpy said, getting good pictures and being shredded is important

I don't get how we got into a debate in the first place.

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