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 Post Posted: Tue Jan 03, 2012 8:37 am 

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So my sister posts a status and i reply. This is the resulting convo:

MY SISTERS STATUS: If y'all have fucked 5 times and he STILL hasn't made you his girlfriend officially. Your incredibly wack. Lmao.

ME: You do realize that almost every chick in the world thinks she has the magical golden kooch that'll change/lockdown/keep a man. And men play along, but when we're alone amongst our friends we laugh @ you for thinking that. #GetOverYourSelfYouSickoPig :-P

SISTER: Lmao whateverrrr fully blown cone you don't get it :P

HER FRIEND:Ha..your bro is crucial.

SISTER: Right? Go hard McGee over here

ME: ‎*littlesister(K)*

HER FRIEND: Lol..smh..that's okay bcuz he givin away allllll the secrets

ME: lol....I should have one of those "Now You Know" PSA Commercials..........You can thank me for lacing you with game by hookin' a brotha up with a grilled cheese sandwich, Turkey bacon, and omelet (extra hot sauce) ;-)

HER FRIEND: Lmao..u should. Haha I got u. Ha@extra hot sauce..that'll cost u.

ME: lol...Is that right?!?........I think I might like where this going ;-).....And what exactly is it that you want in exchange

HER FRIEND: Lol, hey ! Keep it PG

ME: Lmao......That's YOUR dirty mind perving out....I was just thinking about giving you a watermelon jolly rancher **Making my innocent face** 0:-)


ME: @Sister: Hey, I can't help it. http://youtu.be/dMoeyKHE8gw :-D


I friend requested her. She excepted. This is our inbox convo:

ME: So how you know my sister?

HER: she's been my bestfriend since middle school

ME: Cool beans Homie.

You seem kinda fun, so let's play a game.


1) I HATE pickles
2) I LOVE Ethiopian food
3) I have never been in love
4) I love to cook
5) My little brother once walked in on me having sex
6) I can't dance
7) I am currently training to have my 1st amateur cage fight this summer
8) My favorite part of a woman's body is her butt
9) A Peruvian witch doctor saved my life when I was 1 years old
10) I'm probably more sarcastic than I should be (Although you've probably noticed that already lol)
11) I secretly laugh to myself when I see tall women with short men
12) I've never broken a bone
13) I think hippies are gross
14) I was born in Geneva Switzerland
15) I am completely and utterly addicted to coffee


HER: That is both interesting and funny lol. I would have never guessed any of those things. I will inquire about them later though.

1. I am a very open-minded and understanding person (so I've been told)
2. I'm allergic to pickles
3. I'm a poet and love it
4. For me, showers feel better than sex
5. I like to do things on my own terms at all times..anyone who disagrees, I feel, can kick rocks
6. I can b impatient
7. I'm a geek, I'm on the deans list
8. I can't sing but I love to
9. I'm not a rapper, but I do it for fun
10. I wrote half a novel, before my computer wiped it out
11. I'm just weird
12. I only love to cook sometimes..but LOVE food
13. I'm a chronic insomniac
14. Starbucks is my bestfriend
15. People say I'm mature, but I honestly don't see it

ME: 3) DOPE!!!! I used to perform spoken word every week for like 3-4 years when I lived in Oakland

4) well then your just doing it wrong lol

7) ♥♥♥ Geeky/Nerdy is the new sexy

11) I love weird people.....And apparantly they love me too (Ask my sister, I'm sure she'll tell you about it lol)

13) Me too

......Your all right SistersFriend....Your alrght.

HER: I'm jealous..I can't find any venues as of now..and I need it bad. But..lol I'm doing it wrong, huh ? Haha..I don't think #4 will ever change. But..

3. You have never been in love ? Sheesh, that's tough and amazing. How do u do it ? Lol
5. Wow..how did u explain that one ? Ha
6. Haha
7. That sounds quite dangerous and painful
8. Typical male complex
9. Care to indulge ?
13. What's so gross about hippies, exactly ?
14. Switzerland ? Are u bilingual. Or americanized ?

ME: I got a place I go to once a month. I dont perform any more but I still enjoy listening. I'll let you know next time i'm going and we can roll 2gether.

3. I think I have a different definition of love than most people, so im sure that has a lot to do with it.

5. I told him we were wrestling and to go back to bed. He replies "I don't think that's what your doing. If your wrestling, then why are you under the covers?" "Because it's cold, now go back to bed!" LMFAO

6. lol.....shut up

9. Sure, but it's a lot to type....Shoot me your #. I'll lace you with the full story when I get some time to call.

13. Their DIRTY for no reason. Also they are a bit to spaced out for my taste.....But mostly their dirty lol

14. I'm Americanized. I came out here when i was like 1 & a half. But i've gone back and visited a few times, so I managed to pick up a bit of French

HER: Righteous, I just hope I'm not working.

What is your definition of love ? Or rather, being in love with someone ?

(323) *** - ****..May upgrade my phone soon, so this number won't b in commission too much longer. FYI.

I'll keep y'all posted with any updates.

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 Post Posted: Wed Jan 04, 2012 12:11 am 

Joined: Mon Jan 19, 2009 5:53 pm
Posts: 133
Location: South Central L.A
I'M gonna have to switch this to the Field report section, cause I got the panties. I'll type it out tomorro. Gotta get some sleep. Job interview in the AM.

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