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 Post Posted: Thu Dec 20, 2012 5:22 am 
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I'm new to the PUA I just joined CC in Sept idk if I should post this in the newbies section or whatever. I recently broke up with my gf so I decided to work on my game here in NYC, I'm also leaving with the military on a tour in about 2.5 weeks. So time is of the essence for me.

So here's the story; we grew up around each other since she was about 10yrs old but we were not around each other so much. I mean I was already a teen then and I'm older now 31, but now she's 20 and in College, she's a bit wild and a fox. As of last week we had a great time hanging out along with my girl cousin, this meeting was totally random. We had a couple of drinks in my cousins house got to the point of us cuddling and I had my hand down and up her back underneath the shirt and we ended up spooning. Thing is there was no way to get privacy in the apartment at the time sine we fell asleep in the same bed in the living room with my cousin and my aunt was in the only bedroom. I also didn't want to make it that obvious to my cousin or aunt and risk the family find out about it.....Lately we've been texting a lot back and forth and sometimes she's the one initiating contact(she even drunk texted me). She's been really flirty and called me "boo" when she's been partying. Today I made it clear that we're definitely flirting and she seems good with it, I think sometimes I'm borderline about to creep her out though. She's cool with me being way older than her, and usually try for 24 and up. I'm trying new things and pushing boundaries but I need to get her more open.

Heres the convo as of tonight it's long but I did'nt take anything out in case something minimal is a big detail.

She mentioned to she wanted to see "The Hobbit" and in another instant told me how much she likes wine.

[Me]: You wanna go watch the Hobbit, we can sneak in a water bottle of red wine
[Her] [7:46 PM]:
Lol haha I've done that with 40z of old English back in the day
Me [7:48 PM]:
it's 100% better w wine than w cheap beer boo
[Her][7:49 PM]:
Lmao yeah that was like freshman yr of high school
Me [7:56 PM]:
Oh you need to hit the theater like an woman now, lol!
[Her][8:07 PM]:
Lol (my name) I gotta ask you something but I don't wanna be awkward about it
Me [8:12 PM]:
sure no problem , you know me
[Her] [8:15 PM]:
Lol yeah exactly cause I know your super friendly and cool and I love that but um are you flirting with me lol
Me [8:17 PM]:
I think sometimes I am, what do you think about that?
[Her] [8:24 PM]:
Lol I dunno , cause sometimes I know I flirt back but I just wanted to make sure I wasn't imagining anything LOL
Me [8:48 PM]:
I think you're very attractive and we have a very good time around each other so It's kinda of natural when it happens, It does'nt feel like were that far apart in age now
Me [8:50 PM]:
no you're not imagining and I was pretty sure you were flirting, I did'nt mind, What do you want to do about it?
[Her][9:27 PM]:
I think we should just keep it as a friendly flirty thing
Me [9:28 PM]:
you're were too quiet after that last message hun, maybe that's too much for you, lol! I'm o.k with whatever makes you comfortable.
[Her] [9:32 PM]:
Lmao no I was cleaning my room cause it looked like I lived in Haiti
Me [9:33 PM]:
now's a good time to take pictures of yourself then, remember you posted a pic on fb n our cousin Jefferson ragged on you cause your bed was'nt made, lmao
[Her][9:58 PM]:
Lmao shadddap , omg I haven't spoken to Jeff in mad yrs
Me [10:06 PM]:
I think you had stuff on your bed too so I was also disorganized, lol!
[Her] [10:11 PM]:
Lol so what you up to
Me [10:12 PM]:
I'm at work till 8 a.m boo , then coming back at 330- 12 tomorrow
Me [10:19 PM]:
I do have my computer so Ima to catch up on some family guy n south park lol!
[Her] [10:29 PM]:
Lol haha lucky South Park is awesome
[Her] [10:29 PM]:
I'm here in the gym with [your sister] (they never hang out w/o my cousin,this was so random)
Me [10:30 PM]:
oh cool, you guys are doing all the cool things when I'm not there, Thai Food, cupcakes, gym...
[Her] [10:35 PM]:
Lmao :p come thru ill take you I could bring one guest
Me [10:36 PM]:
she'll be my champ, tell her I believe in her she's gonna make it, cause she's a beast, I did'nt fail she wont either
Me [10:38 PM]:
Yeah SP is the shit, I was ROFLMAO when I saw Honey Boo Boo ep, I'll def take you up on that we'll do some circuit training
[Her] [10:39 PM]:
Lmao omgg yea that episode was od hilarious
[Her] [10:40 PM]:
She said I love u so much
Me [10:44 PM]:
me toooooooo, lol!!! we're being smushy over your phone lol!
[Her] [10:47 PM]:
Lmao it's cool I'm all about the love
Me [10:48 PM]:
Lover's not fighters, right mamasita? (we're both latino)
[Her] [10:49 PM]:
Lol haha you already know
Me [11:00 PM]:
Are you feeling the burn?!
[Her][11:29 PM]:
Lmao he'll yeah in tryna get a tiny waist
Me [11:34 PM]:
you got nice curves already but do "you" you gotta feel good in your won skin mah, lol!
[Her] [11:46 PM]:
Lol thanks and yeahh I just wanna be able to love the way I look naked
Me [11:47 PM]:
I feel you, Trying to get there myself, work it girl, woop woop lol!
[Her] [12:03 AM]:
Lmfao ok ever since I said lets stay flirty friends you sound like my gay best friend
Me [12:05 AM]:
really, that's def not what I'm going for lmao!..... I wanna see you make it clap! lol!!
Me [12:06 AM]:
but I'm just cool like that, that's prolly cause no one you know can talk like that to girls.
[Her] [12:21 AM]:
Lmao yeah I guess that shit made me laugh tho
Me [12:24 AM]:
You're too cute [her name], done at the gym?
[Her][12:26 AM]:
Lol yeah we're walking back to the house
Me [12:27 AM]:
I wish I was going home n bs w u guys
Me [12:33 AM]:
Would it haven been funnier if I said? I wanted you to make it clap while I make it rain monopoly money over your ass, lmao!!!
[Her][12:46 AM]:
[Her][12:47 AM]:
If ima do all that money better be real
Me [12:51 AM]:
I was cracking thinkin about it just now, LMAO! the picture would be my screen saver on ma fone!
Me [12:52 AM]:
the money can be real but then you can treat me to drinks n tai food
[Her][12:59 AM]:
Lmao naaah that would be hard earned cash
347-528-0582 [1:00 AM]:
Lmao naaah that would be hard earned cash
Me [1:03 AM]:
that msg came back twice
Me [1:04 AM]:
hmmm. ...I have an open position for flirty friendly stripper, lol!! (i kinda killed the convo here)
Me [1:07 AM]:
need to make money for collge? lol!!
[Her] [1:11 AM]:
Lmfao nah nahhh
Me [1:24 AM]:
so we good w monopoly money then, lol!
[Her][1:26 AM]:
Lmao hmmm spike
347-528-0582 [1:26 AM]:
Me [1:29 AM]:
smart girl you caught that good job
347-528-0582 [1:30 AM]:
Lol auto correct be making me sound crazy sometimes (here she keeps chatting??)
Me [1:33 AM]:
yo that's tru one time I sent my mom a text in spanish n I did'nt know it auto-corrected her reply was like, what do you mean you're paying Estella's wtf is Estellar, no no no mijo!
Me [1:33 AM]:
Estella's rent
Me [1:34 AM]:
see it changed Estella to Estellar grrrr!!
[Her] [1:35 AM]:
[Her] [1:42 AM]:
Watch American horror story
Me [1:43 AM]:
Is that on netflix?
[Her] [1:44 AM]:
Lol idk if not go to 1channel.ch
Me [1:45 AM]:
How are you watching it?
Me [1:46 AM]:
plus I'm at work babe, kinda short on t.v's around here
[Her] [1:47 AM]:
Lol I watch it online
Me [1:55 AM]:
what site?
[Her][1:56 AM]:
Me [1:57 AM]:
why did'nt you send me that before mah ninja?! lol!
[Her] [2:00 AM]:
Lol I tell everyone about this site , I'm always on it
Me [2:07 AM]:
you'll have to show me how to watch stuff on it next time I see you, I got pop ups n i think i have to set up an account blah blah.... funk that
Me [2:07 AM]:
I used this sometimes http://www.free-tv-video-online.me/
[Her] [2:12 AM]:
Lol nah no account needed
[Her] [2:13 AM]:
Or try movie2k.com
[Her] [2:31 AM]:
Ugh ima be soooo sore tomorrow i can feel it lol
Me [2:33 AM]:
stretch well n drink water, that's good though it'll pay off
Me [2:34 AM]:
what I do is I massage what I think will hurt later like my shins usually get beat when I start running
Me [2:35 AM]:
massage n stretch, icing works too, when we go to the gym I'll show you
[Her] [2:36 AM]:
Lmao I was thinking about putting Bengay on but I do t wanna smell like a old man
Me [2:38 AM]:
that'll make it feel better but I don't think it works for real, you need hands on treatment boo
Me [2:39 AM]:
I have scented oils that smell way better than that
[Her] [2:47 AM]:
Me [3:05 AM]:
I'm just sayin lol!
[Her] [3:12 AM]:
Lol you're too funny
Me [3:13 AM]:
Always mamasita but you inspire me
[Her] [3:14 AM]:
Lol how
Me [3:16 AM]:
It just happens, I can't explain everything but I can say part of is your sense of humor and openness
[Her] [3:23 AM]:
Lol haha I've always been a clown tho
Me [3:23 AM]:
I know Payasa! (clown) -End

She also has a boyfriend about her age but they guy is a (douche according to her) barely hangs out with her and most of their meetings are booty calls but she also really likes him and thinks he's a catch (wtf??). I don't ever bring him up or try to trash him. I want to get her to come out with me alone but I can't get a definite from her I get a "maybe" "not sure when" "let's see". Not sure how to take it further with a solid result before asking her to meet up gets old. I hope you can help guide me here at CC. I really really wanna get this girl before I leave. Thanks for reading and contributing gentlemen/ladies I know this shit was long

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 Post Posted: Thu Dec 27, 2012 11:46 am 

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Wow that a lot of information. So basic, your shy'll flirting around each other, she encouraging you, but she has a boyfriend.

I'd call her a tease personally. Then ask her out somewhere, if she put up resistance. Just respond with the one word text "Gay".

You are investing to much, she likes the attention the question is will she do anything.

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 Post Posted: Sun Dec 30, 2012 10:08 pm 
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Joined: Sun Sep 30, 2012 5:28 pm
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Location: Queens, NY
Thanks for the help man, let me see how that works. The texing has been kinda dead lately though, I'll keep you posted

 Post Posted: Fri Jan 11, 2013 6:36 am 
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Joined: Sun Sep 30, 2012 5:28 pm
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Location: Queens, NY
I called her gay and then told her she was a dyke, it kept her laughing for a min, she said"talk to the hand" told her "if she should fist to let me give her some privacy", asked out again said yes then flaked... suck man but thanks for the upstart

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