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 Post Posted: Sat Dec 22, 2012 2:42 pm 
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I knew her through a mutual friend and switched numbers. I started texting this girl so I could get a hook up and discounts at at store, I just came over to pick up gifts for my friend's new baby. I actually had no intention of taking this anywhere besides friendship and the hook up discounts. She's married and has two kids but still looks great and she's very attractive.

While in her Office I was just being cool calm and relaxed, joking around and throwing jokes in when her friends came in, at one point one girl yelled out "you're just outta control *****!", I was also acting like I was sitting in my living room as Aurthor Apoliano being the alpha in the room, mentioned in his tutorial. We had started to have some friendly chemistry after a while and she wanted me to walk her out. She referred me to a restaurant to take my friends to she frequents I told her I took her advice and went to the place: so Here's the text

10:14:14 PM [Me] Hey, quick question. What's a good place to drink dance whatever in midtown?
10:14:47 PM [Me] Im at (the restaurant) btw this is for a friend
10:19:39 PM [Her] Lizard lol iguana
10:22:14 PM [Me] Midtown mah, lol!
10:22:47 PM [Her] Lol have no idea
10:23:01 PM [Her] :0)
10:23:11 PM [Her] Nice seeing u today
10:23:14 PM [Me] K :-P
10:23:41 PM [Me] You too, you're cool people
10:23:54 PM [Her] Thank for the dressing tips lol ill never forget haha
10:24:20 PM [Her] Like wise :0)
10:25:48 PM [Me] Waz up w that cardigan right now?
10:26:29 PM [Her] I kept it on too cold lol
10:30:47 PM [Me] So how did you look when you checked yourself out in the bathroom?
10:31:02 PM [Me] Without the cardigan?
10:33:12 PM [Her] Hot lol
10:33:14 PM [Her] Not
10:33:26 PM [Her] Haha
10:34:09 PM [Me] Wdym not?
10:35:22 PM [Her] Lol
10:35:28 PM [Me] Did you play Hot or Not? Lol!!
10:37:08 PM [Her] U R craZy
10:37:49 PM [Me] What you tawkin bout Willis?
10:40:44 PM [Her] Are u drunk like me ?
10:41:03 PM [Her] Lol have no idea what u talking about
10:51:02 PM [Me] No yet, lol! It was a show never heard that expression it's a classic.
10:51:16 PM [Me] Meaning how am i crazy
10:51:50 PM [Her] Cant explain u just are
11:03:13 PM [Her] :0) in agood way
11:06:40 PM [Me] You're the first to explain that the most, like your co worker they just say "u outta control"
11:07:21 PM [Her] Lol
11:07:23 PM [Her] Im
11:07:25 PM [Her] What do u think lol
11:08:40 PM [Me] I think we have very entertaining conversations in person and now through writing
11:09:39 PM [Her] Now through writing lol what
11:13:52 PM [Me] Well we never texted before and had laughs
11:14:15 PM [Her] Lol
11:14:17 PM [Her] :0)
11:14:29 PM [Her] Took u awhile
11:14:45 PM [Her] What u doing (my Name)?
11:15:00 PM [Her] Besides texting
11:15:02 PM [Me] Arent u around a bunch of people smirkin went we text?
11:16:22 PM [Me] I am
11:16:24 PM [Her] Not about me what u doing
11:17:22 PM [Me] Right now im being a bad big brother and not paying attention to my sis on her bday
11:17:55 PM [Me] But on the other han, im wondering about is how good you look without that cardigan
11:18:24 PM [Her] Lol go do ur thing i know u miss me already lol but ur sister needs u
11:18:59 PM [Me] I have to get back to my sis, i hope you'll send me a glimpse of you
11:19:10 PM [Her] Lol
11:19:36 PM [Her] Out of control
11:20:15 PM [Her] Almost home got a ride from my co worker
11:20:47 PM [Her] Good night juan dont miss me tooo much :0)
11:23:05 PM [Me] I wont if you wont, id like to see your smile before you arrive, but dont worry its still fresh in my mind....
11:24:53 PM [Her] Home no texting! Have fun with ur sis ..... ;0)
11:33:56 PM [Her] Rude
11:34:12 PM [Her] U cant say good night
11:34:46 PM [Me] U said nmt
11:35:07 PM [Me] I listen n read like a guard dog ;)
11:35:26 PM [Her] But u should should end it with a bye or gn
11:38:36 PM [Me] If i said you were charming and eloquent and got you in trouble id feel like i ruined everything
11:39:36 PM [Her] I omg
11:39:47 PM [Her] Just say bye or gn lol
11:39:51 PM [Her] Nothing else
11:40:00 PM [Her] U
11:40:02 PM [Her] R
11:40:06 PM [Her] Truly
11:40:19 PM [Her] Hummm
11:40:45 PM [Her] Making me blush
11:42:36 PM [Her] N im going to say gn so can u just say gn or bye
11:43:35 PM [Her] Charming how wow u will get alot of questions asked tomorrow at 9am lol
11:45:23 PM [Her] The black neckless does look better
11:46:33 PM [Her] Gn
11:47:46 PM [Me] Gn, i'll prolly be sleeping at that time, i will reply when i wake
11:48:31 PM [Her] Ok thanks no more text home
11:48:33 PM [Her] Ttyl
09:41:27 AM [Her] :0p
01:10:43 PM [Me] Morning sweety
01:11:11 PM [Her] Lol
01:12:05 PM [Me] Just stretching my wings
01:12:47 PM [Her] Im was kinda drunk soooo i don't even want to know what we were taking about last night
01:12:59 PM [Her] :0p

As today we're still texting hopefully this happens for me. But what I see that I did right was just complement her qualities. I siad nothing about how hot she is or how attractive, I let her lead the conversation and was not afraid of being risque and confident about it. I hope this helps some of you. Right now I'm getting into complementing her body and she is being receptive. Any comments, critiques, thumbs up thumbs down whatever, anything at all just post I'm new to this whole thing but we learn within a community.

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