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 Post Posted: Thu Jan 03, 2013 5:09 pm 
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I think this information is truly revolutionary and groundbreaking, as NONE of the so called PUA'S or GURUS are talking about this or sharing this information, so either they know about this and are keeping it to themselves, or I am truly a pioneer in my observations! Not only that, but I could easily keep this information to myself, and have less competition, or attempt to join the already over-saturated field of PUA'S, and attempt to market this for profit$! Instead, I am going to offer this information for free with CC Forum members only, with the hope that it will help you in finding your fantasy/nasty girl of your wildest imagination, and fulfill your fantasies!

However. before I get started, one caveat, YOU will still have to have the right profile set up, send the right messages and texts, and know how to "close the deal," once you meet her in person, so this is just part of the equation!

What I am referring to when I say in my SUBJECT caption: "SECRETS to Finding The NASTIEST Girls online," I am specifically referring to internet dating sites, including Match.com, POF, OKCupid, etc., not just sex dating sites like AFF, XXXdating, etc.

One other thing, I'm swearing all of you mutha-f'ers to secrecy, because if all of the dating sites start screening for this, you will have fucked it up for the rest of us, and yourself, by cluing them in!

So without further adieu, here goes, the proverbial 800 pound Gorilla/Elephant standing in the middle of the room (have I BUILT UP your anxiety and expectations, enough yet? lol!):

1. If you go onto any of the dating sites previously referenced, or I am convinced, ANY dating site except for maybe: "REMAININGaVIRGINuntilMARRIED.COM," that you will find at least one, if not several or ALL of her photos evidencing her willingness to SUCK COCK! How do we know this Sherlock? Elementary Watson, the proof is in the pudding, either discreetly coating her teeth or lips, or all over her face! Let me spell that out for you slow learners, that bitch has got CUM on her lips, in her mouth, dripping from her hair, or all over her face "BUKKAKE" style!

2. The age range for the girls that put these photos in their profile is from 18 years old to 50 year olds+.

3. The innocence factor for the girls posting these photos is from Mary Had a Little Lamb/innocent looking like they will remain a virgin into their late 20's to late 30's, to the proverbial slutty looking type!

4. The hotness factor for girls posting these types of photos is ones you wouldn't want to fuck with someone else's dick (although the drunken, odd BJ from one of these might BEAT beating off, right? I mean no one has to know, or you can lie and tell all of your friends that "she was at least a 7.5!" lol!), to the hottest of the hotties, which I quit categorizing as 9's and 10's because it fucks with your head and makes them the "prize," which I will discuss in more detail, later!

5. My research on this has spanned several years, so there is no debating my findings! If you want to debate or argue the results of my research, you may want to consider that fact that you are really a faggot, and have zero interest in getting with hot sexy girls, that just happen to be dirty, nasty cocksuckers, as an added bonus! (and I say this with the greatest reverence and the highest respect for them, because as Chris Rock said, "they make the World a better place!")

6. Further details on this apparently previously undiscovered phenomena are, sometimes they will have photos with other girls in them, and they all have the "secret sauce" covering them, or dripping down their legs, in others, they are with the other girls and they are the "Prom Queen," who got all the available cum in the vicinity! In other photos, they may be posed with guys, who presumably are the SPERM donors, and in others, they are with what looks to be teammates, family members (don't ask, I just observe, not passing judgment, here!), post graduation photos, etc. In short, they run the gamut!

7. It will be hard to see what I am talking about without using your computer's Zoom setting, at a minimum of 200-400 % on the Zoom In setting. You can see more detail if you Zoom In to 400-1000%, but sometimes less is more, as the photos become too out of focus, etc.

8. What does this tells us besides the obvious, Holmes? Elementary Watson, we can deduce that these girls, even the hottest of the hot, are not as secure as they appear on the surface. Just knowing that gives those with the balls to start contacting them, an automatic advantage! It also tells us that these girls as a result of all of the competition (millions of girls posting their profile photos!) feel the need to differentiate themselves and stand out from the rest of the girls, which we as evil mutha fuckas can use to our advantage! (When it Cums right down to it, it's to their advantage too, because isn't what we are learning about here majorly about giving women what they really want, not the BS they put in their profile, so they are not labeled a "SLUT?")
Another eye opener, and possibly eye closer for the stickier of these girls' facials (lol!) is, especially for you newbies, women want sex and are thinking about it as much or more than we as men are!
Women have the filthiest fantasies that you can or cannot imagine! For further evidence of this, I refer you to Exhibits A & B, to novels entitled "My Secret Garden," and the current top selling womens' fantasy porn worldwide, "50 Shades of Gray."

9. Recommendations for practical use: Don't mention what you noticed about her profile photos in any of your initial messages, texts, sexts, etc., because she may want to stand out, but she will think you are creepy and a perv by mentioning it to her! End of story, adios! Maybe after you've blown about your third load down her throat, or all over her face, it might be a safe time to mention it, but then again, as one of the Mafia bosses said in the movie Casino before ordering some mob hits, "it may be OK, but why take any chances?," in discussing who might snitch under police pressure!

10. Final Notes: As previously mentioned at the outset, this is no guarantee that any given girl who has these photos posted in her dating site profile will end up sucking YOUR COCK, or FUCKING YOU, but if you had two equally qualified candidates for the position, or POSITIONS, which one would you pick to message first? lol

Again, as a reminder, you still have to have your shit down about putting up the best profile for you, know how to message, text, sext them, get their phone digits, set up a meet and close the deal! For that I don't claim to be an expert, but there are resources out there, and PUA materials that can help you with that area of your "Game." I am right there with you learning how to do all of that, too!

Instead of this thread becoming some kind of "KJ" magnet, how about it if those reading this start trying it out, and posting your RESULTS!? That's all that really matters, right? I don't mind if someone thinks that I'm a genius, or wants to give me the Nobel "Piece" Prize for posting this, as I am wondering if I am really onto something, although it's hard to ignore the obvious!!!


InTent "Rock Star"

"You don't get confidence first. First, you do the thing that scares you the most, then you get the confidence (courage)!" (Originator unknown)

Translation to "Game": Approach smoking hot women without hesitation even though you're scared shit less, and eventually through practice and repetition, it will get easier!

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