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 Post Posted: Tue Mar 15, 2011 7:17 am 
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Here's an alternate view of the MFWB thing.

While I don't have much of the experience with this, as I've been exclusive in most of my relationships, here's another side.

(Btw, I have recently hung out with a chick, who admitted to having a FWB, and, immediately confessed that she'd turn it into a relationship if she's given half a chance.)

My current relationship is monogamous, simply because the woman is everything I could ever want or need. In same respect, a woman view of the relationship is similar. If the man gives her everything she wants, why look somewhere else?
Personally, I manage to be amazing in bed. (How? Simple. I pay attention to her)
Many men manage to have mediocre sex, and, believe that a woman is happy with it.
Think about this. Drunken sex after a night at the club, is that everything a girl could ever want in bed? Let's say you pop once, roll over and done. How's that mind blowing for a girl?
No wonder she'll want to look for something better. If you're a cool guy, she certainly wouldn't mind seeing you again, but, there's certainly no guarantee that she's not gonna screw the next hot guy that comes along.

So, in my mind, if you are looking for for multiple FWB, that clearly means that you don't get (or don't want) everything from one woman. In the very same sense, understand that the girl (or girls) you seek should not be looking for everything from one man.
If you get the girl who's looking for a boyfriend that will satisfy her every need, and, you are not in position (or desire) to do so, that is deceptive and cruel to the woman.
If you manage to covert a serial female dater into a monogamous partner through either fantastic sex or addressing her emotional needs, you yourself would do well to abandon the desire to seek other sex partners. (It's the reasonable thing. lol)
Or, simply let her know that you've "tried the monogamous thing, and, just not ready for a relationship", and, see if she bites. If so, you've got a FWB. If not, she seeks a bf, and, not a FWB. Move on.

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 Post Posted: Thu Mar 17, 2011 8:13 am 
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Wow. Old post. But for those who have just seen this for the first time.

I've never gones beyond 5 FB.

Too much work.

Even to this day I've mixed up dates and girls in it. (crazy)

However, FBs come and go. Don't try and hold them from leaving.

This is linked with the abundance mentality.

Just be grateful of the times you've spent with them and keep a friendly relationship. Don't go "remember... this or that" because that's in the past. Focus instead on a building on a real friendship with them.

So to recap: if they say "I don't want to be just a sex toy anymore" you should probably say. "That's fine. We should stay friends though. You're too awesome to cut off completely."

This is based off of my experience and my words. But you should already understand the gist of it already. :-)

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