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 Post Posted: Fri Feb 25, 2011 3:17 pm 
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Since I joined Pickup, I had been at best very skeptical about letting other men inside my circle. I couldnt figure out this issue up until last night!

My issue with bringing in other dudes in my life is that, I dont know what to expect a dude that loves drama, or that will be in constant competition with me for the girls. Last night made me realize that I care far too much about my value to women, and that if I want to be attractive I have to be that on both sides of the spectrum not just one. Not on some gay shit, I mean having dudes around that want to be around me, thus them bringing other girls to chill and hangout = domino effect!

So last night...

I went out on my own, and ran into some guys I am "kinda" close to thru other people. The one friend I'm talking about I'll call him RG. As he is gaming this girl, I am watching from a distance how he engages her and his body language is, like a field study perhaps. The girl goes to the bathroom and he comes over to me and we start talking about the situation. He is telling me about his pad, what he has in it, and then offers to let me use it whenever I need to.

O_o <------- my expression

I found out that I tend to worry about my value towards women a lil too much. For this guy that I barely see to offer his pad to me, whenever I need it shows his value for me. A lot of dudes tend to think I am "THE MAN", and that I am cool to hang around. Whereas I cant get the females to feel the same so the dudes I dont worry about. But, as far as guys go that I know they hold a very high value for me....w/o my knowing!

Anyone else ever felt like this at one point?

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 Post Posted: Sat Feb 26, 2011 1:49 pm 

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Nope... that is one of the reasons why I'm enjoying this part of my journey so much. As I learn this style of pickup, it is changing me from the inside out, I can see and feel the difference in my relationships with my friends and even my family.

btw... I run with a "natural" who is very strong. I have seen him try to help friends out with their pickup only to watch it bite him on the ass. They get jealous even though he does a lot to try to help them, but since he is sooo strong, he casts a shadow over them they can't compete with and they then try to sabotage him. I am now coaching him on how to be a better wingman, since you are learning this style, it will be easier for you to be a great wingman.

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