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 Post Posted: Tue Jul 16, 2013 7:56 am 

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Hey players, pua's...

I am writing this to see if someone can crack this case and give me an interesting advice!
I am usually good with women, never had a real and serious problem to get a women in bed.
However, this woman I am going to talk about is one exception. Why? I have no idea, but trust me, she is!
I met her 3 years and a half ago while she was doing some tourism, so yeah, we don't live in the same country. It was a quick talk, and I was able to get her msn name. So we talked and talked for many years non-stop.

Last year she was coming again with her friends to my country, and she asked if we could meet. I was able to Isolate her from her friends, and was able to spend 3 days with her alone.
First day we had a long and innocent conversation (learned extra stuff about eachothers). Second day I grabbed a bottle of some nice liquor and took her for a nice walk. We spent like 10 hours together, talking and talking. At some point we were laying down on the grass, and I asked her to give me a massage. She didn't think twice, she absolutely started giving the massage, and then asked one in return. So when it comes to Kino, this was considered a huge step for me. I was able to make her feel really comfortable while touching her all over her body. But for a reason I don't know, I just couldn't make a move, to kiss her or anything. And I was really surprised about it (this is why I call her an exception). And I am quite sure she wasn't that impressed about my innocence. The next day, I asked her to come to my place, and she came. Surprisingly, I messed up again. Couldn't make a move at all. Next day she left to her country, but we kept talking via texting.
Few months later, she told me that she used to have strong feelings for me, but it just can't work out because we're far away from eachother. So here I suppose she friendzoned me immediately.
We kept talking and talking, months went by and I started to have some feelings for her. And I told her about my feelings like 3 weeks ago. She was like "I don't know what to say, I really don't have the same feelings anymore, I have to meet first and see what happens".
So eventually, we're still talking, and I invited her to my country, and she's going to stay at my place for like 2 nights.
I really don't want to screw this up, she's really a catch! Do you think that this is sort of a green light from her? If she comes, it really means that she's giving me another chance to make my move so I can get out of the friendzone. Right?

Sorry for this long story guys, but I would really appreciate some real solving here. Thanks

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