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 Post Posted: Sun May 31, 2009 8:59 pm 
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What up guys,

I know I'm chode for saying this but I can still see myself with my ex-girlfriend.

HBpeaches. She was the last girlfriend I had. It was a deep relationship. One in which I will always cherish. Life couldn't have been better when we were together. We met our first year of college. I saw her from afar. Right then and there I knew I wanted to be with her. Call it love at first sight or however you may. She was my target.

I broke up with my high school sweetheart, HBhater, going into college. One day HBhater thought it would be a good idea to visit me. I sexed her up in my dorm, we drank, and we partied with all my dormmates. I told her and re-emphasized that it was over. She didn't take this very well and to this day our friendship is strained. HBhater leaves. I go on a drunk walk to another friends dorm. Just like always I took the same route. I knocked on the front door of the dormitory for someone to let me in.

All the dorms look the same from the inside so I make my usual route to my friend's room. Apparently I was in the wrong dorm as I turned the corner to find HBpeaches studying with an open book on the table. I had always seen her from afar but this was the first time I had ever spoke a word to her. My drunk ass sat down next to her and the rest is history...

It took a long time for escalation. At first she wouldn't go out with me on dates alone. We were always accompanied by some of her entourage. It got better. Our first kiss took 3 months. Sex came after another 3 months. By the time we had our own apartments in the summer it became the summer of love. 2 years of happiness. 2 years of bliss.

HBpeaches joined an organization to help coming in freshman transition to college life. The organization was called SPOP (Student Parent Orientation Program). She got in. I didn't. Basically its a group of 100 undergraduates who create their own social circle. It's an exclusive hook-up fest. I knew this. I knew something was going to happen to our relationship. She had sex with one of the other SPOP staff members. Chump from America's Best Dance Crew Season 1.

I took her back. She refused to drop chump as a friend. I dealt with it. The relationship wasn't as it used to be. We fought more and made up less. One night during a cocktail we fought just as I was suppose to pick her up. I chose not to take her anymore and instead took a freshman that had taken a liking to me. I sexed up. Yeah I cheated. I managed to hide this side affair for a while but eventually HBpeaches found out.

She took me back. I refused to drop my mistress as a friend. She dealt with it. The road of our relationship wasn't smooth but we loved each other. At this point I started to hang out more with my friends than see my girl. This lead to her having a secret affair with a math study partner. I should have saw this coming.

I took her back. She refused to drop this new guy as a friend. I dealt with it. This time I couldn't keep my cool and my composure. I was a mess. She went back to the math study partner. My whole world came crashing down.

We still had feelings for one another but she was torn between two lovers. I was her first everything and she always wondered what if. We've talked about and she's openly expressed that she wanted to experience new things with new people. One of the last things she told me was, "If I go back to you, I'll have to marry you." That sentence still haunts me to this day. I'm hurt by it very much so.

HBpeaches and math study partner became an item. I wanted her to be happy. We stayed friends. As days past we talked less. The only time we'd hear from each other were happy birthday texts.

It's been 3 years. I haven't had a girlfriend since. It took me a long time to get over her. Every so often I'll day dream about HBpeaches or jack off to her more than I should. I'm embarrassed.


It's a Sunday and I just wanted to relax from a fun filled weekend of back to back house parties. I check out the CC website. I read about the news in sports. I check out facebook...

To tell you the truth I've only looked at HBpeaches facebook twice total. Once in december of 2007. What I saw in her profile and pictures put me to tears. She was still happily with that math study partner. I vowed never again to look at her profile but today I felt like I could handle it.

She is single.

For how long? I don't know. I couldn't help but smile and relive in my head the time we spent together. Currently she just graduated graduate school from USC and is about to take a vacation. She is flying to Rhode Island. From there she will bike ride across the country and end in San Francisco. She will be building houses along the way. HBpeaches has always been a person to help those in need. She's been a mentor and teacher to young children. HBpeaches cooks and cleans. Can't beat that.


I want her back. I'm in the game for one reason. To find true love. Getting back an old flame will due. haha. I seriously consider this one to be the one that got away. We both messed up. I know things may be able to pick up where we left off. I know this sounds crazy but I'm crazy enough to try.

I've sexed up more woman while in CC than my whole life. JTRs last FR got me thinking. Do whatever you have to do to make yourself happy. If that's trying to get back the girl you know you should be with, then I should go for it. I'm not dumb and I know better than putting all my eggs in one basket. I know this could very well NOT happen. It could be over before I start it. But I would really appreciate any advice on this matter. I hope the background info gives better insight to my predicament and I hope for some feedback from good friends.

The gamer that I am has somewhat already planned out a map of attack. I plan to ping text her early on while she begins this trip. From what I've heard she is doing this independently for herself. No friends will be with her meaning that she will have to befriend the other people who are on this journey with her. This is where I come in. I will text her every so often in hopes of her reaching out for interaction as she's alone on her trip. I might even try to call once or twice. I also plan to send her funny emails (don't know what) so that when she checks them it'll put a smile on her face. I don't really know what else to do.

Thanks for your help.


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 Post Posted: Mon Jun 01, 2009 3:52 pm 
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Hey man, I feel you. I used to be sort of engaged before i joined the military. Similar to yours, except it was high school. I saw her, and i was in awe. We have known each other for about 6 years now, dated for about 2. I was happy. She was happy. Then i joined, and things started to fall apart. Maybe we were young and stupid. But mistrust built on both sides, and bam, it fell apart. After arguing and arguing, we finally broke up. two days later she went back to her ex-boyfriend, who sold drugs and lived with his mother. This made me feel even worst, that she went back to a douche when Im having a successful career. This is where you and I differ tho, a few months later, she tried calling me, i was in a relationship i didnt deem very serious, she wanted me back, i said no. She tried and tried, after a bit, i started talking to her again, but it wasnt the same. Then she got back to her exboyfriend, after that, she broke up yet again, and tried getting back with me. I made my mind by that point and made it clear it wasnt going to happen. I loved her until a bit ago. I realized that some people dont change or grow up. And to me, she was one of those people. Its been about 3 years now. That is what made me become a player in the first place. I partied it up, and treated girls like crap, lying my way into their pants. After a while i realized it wasnt what i wanted. I came across game from a friend of mine....and needless to say, i took it to heart. Someday ill find the perfect girl, but im never expecting to. If you feel this is your one girl, i say go for it.

This thread makes me baww :(

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 Post Posted: Tue Jun 02, 2009 1:24 am 
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this is a tear jerker and made me remember my ex...til i remembered the part about me hating her lol

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 Post Posted: Wed Jun 03, 2009 6:58 pm 
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as romantic as this sounds I gotta say that your putting a lot of pressure on yourself on this.

You never know how its going to turn out but definitely going to root for you on this.

fill us in on how it goes.

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 Post Posted: Thu Jun 04, 2009 7:04 pm 
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B bad you know the very fact that you care so much is going to fuck you up.

If you really want a shot you need to act like you don't give a fuck. Which means you really shouldn't give that much of a fuck. "Oh .. if we end up hanging out that will be cool. If not, there's always other girls"

Anything else and you're setting yourself up for a big let-down and disapointment.

The gamer that I am has somewhat already planned out a map of attack. I plan to ping text her early on while she begins this trip. From what I've heard she is doing this independently for herself. No friends will be with her meaning that she will have to befriend the other people who are on this journey with her. This is where I come in. I will text her every so often in hopes of her reaching out for interaction as she's alone on her trip. I might even try to call once or twice. I also plan to send her funny emails (don't know what) so that when she checks them it'll put a smile on her face. I don't really know what else to do.

Nah dude .. don't do that. So obvious you might as well say "Hi please take me back and please visit me when you get here"

You can take this for however you want but in essence this is a girl you've fucked, lost contact with, and now want to fuck again. I've got a few of these back in the past year.

First of all even tho she said that shit about marrying you realize she's single and probably not looking for anything. Maybe all you'll get out of this is a lay or hookup. Can you be happy with this?

Anyway .. my advice.

Make yourself sparse. Let her think about you, chase you. Dont be sending joke texts for her, you're not "that guy" .. let one of her LJBF's send her funny jokes and entertain her.

I'd send out a text maybe like halfway thru her trip like "Hey stranger .. what are u up 2?"

Let her fill you in about how she's travelling across country so it doesn't look like you're staulking her.

"Oh that's crazy. I just finished this intense game of raquetball .. (or whatever) and now im about to go to this awesome ___."

Response ..

"Yeah haha. Anyway when are you bringin ur trycicle-ass to cali?"

"Oh nice. Well have fun! Text me when you're here, we'll grab a drink or somethin"

Then .. you wait. If she gets lonely, she'll text you along the way, you play it cool.

I remember you and your over-gaming texts in that one formhandle seminar.

Don't do that. Play it cool, casual. Kinda flirtatious but not try-hard.

If not .. around the date she tells you she's supposed to be in Cali, hope for that text.

Wait a day or two if she doesn't, send ur own text.

"Hey slowpoke, you here yet or what?"

If you feel like she's down to meet up right away, obviously do that. But be careful of sending too many invitations. If she wants to get to you she will. If not..

"Cool .. tell me wat u r up 2 2moro nite?"

"Okay .. you and I are going out for drinks. Wear something sexy .. no cyclist tights ;-)"

And that's what I recommend for you brotha.

Just remember not to invest so much mental energy into this .. play it cool and keep sarging this whole time, live your life normally.

If you put all your happiness into this one event, you'll get all this anticipation and hope going on inside you and you'll be coming from a needy standpoint. Nobody likes needy.

All the chicks you've had recently you've shown them you don't need them and because of that they like you.

Do the same with this one.

Best of luck Brotha.

A belief can be comforting. Only through consistent action and experience does it become liberating.

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 Post Posted: Tue Aug 10, 2010 8:29 am 
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tHis is definately possible. I actually just got the one that got away back in my life. We dated when we were 14. Broke up and she went to some schmuck. Two years later out of the blue she calls and wants to hang out. I comply and during the date tell her I'm not thin to be back with her. Two more years pass and I hit her up because her number is flashing in my head and I can't remember who the number belongs to. We get together and hook up. She ets a boyfriend and starts planning mairrage and shit. That backfires in her face and she's single again. She comes back to me and I decide I have nothing else pressing and might as well give it a shot.

Why do I bring this up? To show you it is possible and there is nothing wrong with getting back with her. My advice though is to make sure its clear that she is blessed that you want to be with her again. If she's down to get back together she obviously has feelings for you and you are the prize. Set boundaries and keep to them. Let her know what is tolerated and what is not, right when you come out the gate. If you maintain control then she is putty in your hand. Your getting back win her because you want to see what happens and she wants to get back with you because your the best thing that ever happened to her since she lost her virginity.

Best of luck and remain in control. As Long as your calling the shots then everything happens as you want it too.

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 Post Posted: Tue Aug 10, 2010 10:41 am 
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Sexter would tell you to take a ton of pictures and spin her around and get her so dizzy and drunk that she'll make out with you and then you can finger her hole. Unfortunately, pick-up will only take you so far in life and in love. Really, only to the point of lust, and then it's all on you.

As for picking up where you left off, it won't be like that and you're kidding yourself if you think you can just pick up the pieces and keep going. There are a lot of trust issues still there, especially with all the cheating that went on. Keep that in mind and I would say you should recognize there is work needed at the foundation. You can talk about your relationship with her as if it's like building a house, since she'll be doing that anyway.

Ultimately, the grudges and weight of your baggage will always be there: you just have to find the best looking duffel to carry it in.

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 Post Posted: Tue Aug 10, 2010 10:45 am 
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Fellas, we've all have stories of that one great one that got away. But truth be told, you broke up for a reason... Bottom line...

Every day can be the day you meet that that new girl that is gonna be the adventure of your life. Its very easy and comforting to go back to the girl you've been with for so long but only for that reason... In truth it is not healthy..It is better to find someone new with great qualities and that you will trust from the start.. Once you lose trust and respect for each other in a relationship it is fucken over. Period.

So with that said, let your great past memories be just that. Look forward to meeting that next great girl that enjoys life as much as you do.

 Post Posted: Tue Aug 24, 2010 3:11 pm 
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you cant make a ho a housewife!

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 Post Posted: Sat Sep 18, 2010 3:17 am 

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she cheated on you with a guy from american's best dance crew

she cheated on you with her math study partner

and i'm sure she's cheated on you

you had a lot of fights and arguments and trust issues

why the fuck would you want to get back with her?

your just being needy. You probably gave her way too much power in the relationship for her to cheat on you. The power, alpha male, and respect she had for you in the beginning faded, you lost your power and she cheated on you.

Let it go, and improve yourself. Like scartissue said, STOP GIVING A FUCK.

REALLY let it go. STOP GIVING A FUCK PERIOD. If you give a fuck, then you are giving too much power to the girl.

stop being a panzy and focus on yourself, have an abundant mindset, and your feelings for her will evade.

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