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 Post Posted: Tue Aug 19, 2008 1:03 pm 
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1. What exactly is Casanova Crew?

Casanova Crew is the combined Lair for Los Angeles, Orange County, Inland Empire, Las Vegas, Boston, Santa Barbara, New York and Long Beach. It is also a set of 8 CC branded "sarge crews".

Casanova Crew has over 2000+ hardcore active members. Casanova Crew are the originators of the sarge crew subculture movement, and have influenced a variety of similar groups.

CC was founded by J The Ripper in January of 2007.

2. Are forum members necessarily also members of the Casanova Crew Sarge groups?

Not exactly. Anyone can join and post on the forum. But not all forum members are actually in the sarge crews, which meet weekly and organize outings together.

In order to join one of the official CC branded sarge crews, each pledge must fulfill the requirements set up by each respective team's group leader.

3. What do I have to do if I want to join one of the 5 CC sarge crew's and attend the meetings and have access to the private forums?

You must contact that crew's respective leader.

CC Hollywood: ChristopherUltimate
CC Orange County: Hydro
CC Las Vegas: Constantine
CC Inland EmpireSteamroller
CC Long Beach:Bbad
CC San Diego (Team Lead The Ninja)
CC Boston (Team Lead Envy)

CCSB Team Lead : Kinetica
CCNY Team Lead: Luis

Each member can be contacted by joining the forum and sending the team captain a PM. Click the team captain's name above to be taken to the PM screen. (Must have a registered account - Sign Up For Free.)

4. So what's the big deal about being part of the sarge crews?

Each crew meets once a week for several hours to discuss PUA related topics in a roundtable discussion. Each member's opinion is valued, and everyone has the chance to speak their mind.

The newest PUA DVD's are shown and discussed. Products are shared and exchanged.

The meetings help reinforce and motivate each individual's progression in the game, and serves as a social network. Each crew also sets up outing events to clubs, or daygame activities. The crews are also have connections to several club promoters and find benefits such as discounts/free passes, not having to wait in line, and access to VIP lists.

Also, our weekly meetings are free.

5. So what are some requirements I'd have to go through if I wanted to join?

You need to be dedicated, write frequent FR's, and able to contribute to your group. Each group's leader has certain unique requirements, which may include but not limited to the following examples:

*Actively working on your sticking points and showing a genuine desire to break out of your comfort zone.

*Attend a certain amount of meetings.

*Be able to get along and be a team player. Even if you're a badass PUA and have all the skillz, if you cant get along with the members then you wont be around very long.

For more details contact the team captain.

6. If I want to attend the Casanova Crew seminars do I have to be a member of the sarge crew, or can I just be a forum member?

If you have an account on the forum you may attend any CC sponsored seminar.

7. How did Casanova Crew begin?

J The Ripper started the crew in January 2007. One night after another sargeathon, JTR and InterKurse decided to stay in, and just talk strategy. Each Thursday was reserved for talking shop. As they became more active on PUA message boards, they met other community guys who they felt they could learn from.

JTR invited guys across most the forums to attend the weekly meetings, which included agenda sheets with topics ranging from phone game, day2's and quick makeouts. As JTR's FR/LR's started to develop a strong cult following across the country, and people started noticing the rapid advancement of members in the crew, more inquiries were made on how to join the crew.

Community members from LA, OC, San Gabriel Valley, and even San Diego piled into JTR's living room. There's only so many people a 20x20 room can hold, lol.

After JTR's first seminar opening for J. Wolf and Vince Kelvin a handful of new members were recruited from the audience. After JTR's second seminar opening for Carlos Xuma/David Wygant, an additional pack of recruits were also included. By the time 2007 came to a close, we had 50+ members.

The decision was made that the groups would need to be split off by region, thus creating the 5 CC Chapters.

How do I gain access to the CC Private Sections?

You must belong to one of the CC Sarge Crews and go to the weekly meet ups and outings. Contact the team captian of the chapter you want to join for more information.

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 Post Posted: Mon Oct 10, 2011 2:20 pm 

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Hey, I'm from Minnesota, and a lot of my wings look up to me though we aren't a actually "lair", how would one go about being a lead in his state?

 Post Posted: Mon Oct 10, 2011 3:41 pm 
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err.. fucking lead.. ha

organize weekly meetups, go sarge and post frs/lrs and then call yourself whatever you want

jtr can give you a subforum i bet

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 Post Posted: Mon Oct 10, 2011 3:54 pm 

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It would be great to get some shit going on in Minnesota, granted I'm a bit newer to all this than some of my boys, but advanced quickly. Though I don't use a method aside from my own, which may or may not be related so some material out there. But since I've never read a book, or attended a bootcamp, can't say I have any experience in that, though I enjoy helping people. But when it comes down to it, as much as I respect my fellow sargers out here and wish them the best every time we go out, I will say I have had some of the best luck compared to everyone I've went out with. Loads of make outs, several SNLs, etc etc. I just want to get better(and have the time, workin over nights sucks some times) to get better at day gamin, as well, as some more luck with text game/day 2s.

 Post Posted: Sat Apr 20, 2013 7:21 pm 

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Hey guys for some reason I can't send a pm. Can someone let me know what I have to do to become a member.

 Post Posted: Sun Apr 06, 2014 10:02 pm 

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Alright how the Fuck do i fix my game since i look like a 16 year old kid but im 19
Any tips?

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