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 Post Posted: Thu Dec 20, 2012 10:29 am 

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i read up on NLP. practiced NLP on field.

currently my game is a mix of james marshal natural method, corey skyy eye game, and neuro linguistic programming combined into one.

and ever since i decided on my "style" ive got make outs here and there but no lays. it has been roughly 3 months since ive got laid. and getting close to 4 months by next year.

i did get 7 or 8 kiss closes in the last 3 months. most of them happening in late september and october. got an instadate through day game. went on a day 2 with a girl that i met through day game. number closed a fair amount. havent had one date through night game which is bizarre. and havent got laid since early september. all but one of my make outs came during night game. and the only make out that didnt come through night game was from the day 2 i managed to pull from day game.

i have a basic understanding of NLP in general. i would like to improve my understanding through someone else that is more experienced in the practice.

im asian american. old enough to drink at bars. too old to be hitting on girls that are not old enough to drink at bars. and not old enough to be hanging out at a cougar bar without looking like a cub.

so with all that said, id like to meet someone that i can head out to the field for the hunt.

i mainly sarge orange county and inland empire but i wouldnt mind venturing out further if the logistics are good for me to pull.

the last 3 months were not good but i have pulled in the past and have enough lays where im not exactly a novice in terms of ability but im a very mediocre intermediate p-u-a if you consider my consistency.

i would like to meet someone with a positive mind set. im low energy like james marshall and i depend on eye game to build up attraction or arousal in my targets. i use NLP for shifting their emotional state onto sexual compliance. and so far, its pretty much luck ruining it all because i havent had any good sets recently because they wont hook to the point of establishing general compliance. i USUALLY plow to the point of make out once i get good general compliance. because once i have general compliance i tend to build up arousal or attraction with eye game and NLP. havent had any women thats giving me full general compliance in this cold weather. im anticipating the weather to warm up so i have more girls out on the field in the right emotional state from the beginning...and then all i have to do is build up their arousal with eye game and escalate to make out and then pull.

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