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 Post subject: Being a social dynamo
 Post Posted: Tue Feb 25, 2014 6:05 pm 

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This is an amazing way to get yourself into a super social mode. It also has a lot of benefits.

By following this you literally become a one man wrecking ball to obstacles in your way. I’ll expand on this in a minute. Have you ever been in a bar an seen a guy that literally knows everyone there and everyone loves him?

This turns you into that guy. Everything else that’s talked about in this book can be used in tandem with this, whether it being sexual priming, my quick example of a pickup and/or social tornado.

By mastering these skills you level the playing field and put yourself in an entirely different league all together.

I use this in EVERY environment that allows me the freedom to flow around the place.

Whether it be a bar, afterhours place or dance club.

I will address this though, I do use this on the dance floor only in a different variation.

I also use this to get in good with the staff and security in a venue as well.

This starts from on the street way before entering the club. It’s so simple that it’s ridiculous that it works so well. Here it goes.


I’m going to do my best to explain the psychology of why I do this and why it works so well.

When in a bar type of environment, you don’t truly know who knows who.

The flipside of this is everyone else doesn’t know who knows who as well. This allows you to exploit general perception of events that are going on.

I normally start off on the street and just briefly chat people up as they are passing by me.

**”I hope you’re having a great night! (I may high five them with passing too)”**

Next when I get to the bar, I start chatting up the people that are in line with me (if there is one).

This can help dramatically later. Since I’ve built a relationship with these people, they are now base groups I can go talk to at any time in the night (provided they like me).

Before getting inside the bar I start chatting up the doorman while he’s checking out my ID.

This is simple stuff. How’s your night going, is it slamming in there yet, etc. Also I don’t walk in right away as I get my id.

I end up maybe complimenting the bouncer on his sharp appearance, sick haircut and/or ask if he knows of any after-hours places.

One thing that Adam Lyons has mentioned before which I believe is awesome, is asking if he’s thirsty or hungry and if he’d like you to get something for him.

Trust me the doorman will remember you. This is wonderful later down the road because you know that VIP entrance (the velvet rope), if you start coming there on the regular and he’s at the door chances are you won’t have to wait in line.

Make sure before you enter you introduce yourself and get his name.


As I enter the place, I do not let my momentum go to waste. I open the first group I see.

The interaction doesn’t have to be anything fancy or for any amount of time. A simple compliment or a “Hey! You guys look like you are having a blast! (high five as walking by) works.

I continue this pattern of short setting most of the room and having interactions lasting from seconds to minutes.

**If I give a compliment, I give a genuine one that is tailored to them**

Example: “Dude! I love your shoes bro. I don’t know if you planned it this way, but it’s the perfect accessory to you outfit. You have great taste!”

Instead of “I like your outfit”.

The power for that is in the details. It’s important to include the reason why you are complimenting them. This just takes having powers of observation.

From an outsiders perspective it looks like you truly know these people. I keep a mental note of the people that responded relatively positive to me.

Then I go back to these individual groups.

With some, I may just chit chat with them. With others, I may throw out a few routines.

With others, I may use a variation of my quick example.

The way you rock this is up to you. When you get great at reading people, especially women that seem into you, you can improve and free flow some of the other things talked about in this book.

As for running out of things, this is phenomenal because you can meet people that have things in common and play network matchmaker.

You can bring up conversation topics you’ve been a part of with one group into another.

Example of this: Say you are talking to group A. Bunch of topics come up. Next you are talking to group B, now you can bring up those topics which will lead into other topics.

Then you are talking to group C, you know have all this info to bring up at your discretion from the conversations with groups A and B. Hopefully you can see how this cycle can continue.

This free flow of info coming at you as you interact with others gives you all the material and ammunition you need to keep your conversations going.

**This is a great way to make massive amounts of friends, get lots of chicks numbers and leaves you in an awesome position of being able to take someone home to bang.**

Within this you can run jealousy on numerous women you are interested in seducing.

Just bring their groups together or just let them see you talking to other groups and you and those groups are having fun.

Obviously they will see you flirting with other women, but who cares. The more aggressive women will sometimes pounce on you and attempt to seduce you.

You haven’t lived until you’ve had one of these women literally drag you into the bathroom to either blow you or fuck you.
Using this only your imagination is your limitation.

As for the dance floor, if I have been able to do what I have just mentioned, it’s a breeze.

You just start have fun dancing. Flowing through the floor, spinning girls and dancing with some of the groups you’ve become super tight with.

"There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way and not starting" -Buddha

My LR archive from #46 to #170 (some are missing bc I never wrote them): http://www.scribd.com/doc/34161254/Tales-of-Debauchery

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