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 Post subject: Strip club opinion
 Post Posted: Mon Oct 19, 2015 8:42 pm 

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I went to a strip club recently, peacock mode & alpha attitude which garnered a lot of attention and comments from the dancers and waitresses. I struck up casual conversation with all of the ones that approached me. My body language and comments were quite clear that I was the prize and not the other way around.

Few of them then begin to tell me about their personal lives, their kids, which girls in the club were their roommates etc. Wasnt really interested in getting a dance because I felt they weren't worthy.

The club was expecting some famous strippers or porn stars and I noticed one of the cocktail girls went to change into something way hotter and sluttier than normal so I teased her about trying to seduce the porn stars and she laughed that she was busted. Every time she was free she kept coming back to me and I would tease or ask her about her favorite porn/star/scene etc and she would respond.

One time when she left a very exotic girl came up to me and chatted me up. This girl was so interesting and random that I said "Either you are the coolest girl in the world or you are fucking bat shit crazy." After a few seconds of silence she said that she was both.

She was so out there and dressed so differently (almost like she was at a picnic) that I was curious about her lap dances. She said they were insane (duh) so I decided to take her up on it. As we were starting to settle into a private booth they announced that the entertainers were about to go up. She begged to see the show and asked if we could continue after the show ended. I said sure but had made up my mind that she had just lost her chance.

As she made her way to the front row, the cocktail waitress came up behind me and started talking. It was still random but I could tell that she was interested. Unfortunately it is hard to build up more interest since they have to keep leaving to serve drinks. I had a feeling I could have gotten her up to the level to give me her number or maybe even come over but I did not want the porn star show to end and then have the stripper walk right back up to me like an AFC at her beck and call so I took off before the show ended.

Should I have done that?
Or should I have stayed longer and continue building things up with the waitress while looking like I was butt hurt to the stripper?
Or since I was already connecting with the stripper (even when guys came up to her and tried to pull her away but she stayed talking to me) should I have seen if there were any possibilities there?

Thanks in advance for the tips.

Changing The Game

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