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 Post Posted: Tue Dec 16, 2014 2:00 am 
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Here is a set of articles that explain why the men of this generation turn to pickup or just go their own way without women in their lives. Nothing is being done to support men and is instead given to women. They reference Julien, Roosh V makes an appearance, and it is clear that only gay men are the only defenders of masculinity today.

This has article has been very popular and gaining steam in all reaches of life.

This paragraph sums it up:

And yet men are constantly beaten up over bizarre invented concepts such as rape culture and patriarchal privilege. The bizarre but inevitable conclusion of all this is that women are fuelling their own unhappiness by driving men to consider them as sex objects and nothing more, because the thought of engaging in a relationship with a woman is horrifying, or too exhausting to contemplate. And the sexodus will affect women disproportionately harshly because research data show that when women "act like men" by having lots of casual sex, they become unhappy, are more likely to suffer from depression and destroy their chances of securing a meaningful long-term relationship.



"Respect the cock! And tame the cunt!" -Tom Cruise, Magnolia

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 Post Posted: Thu Dec 18, 2014 6:04 am 
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Do not believe everything you read on the internet; though not all women are victims,
every feminist woman is not wrong either.

Many feminists believe in personal responsibility for their own actions and want the
right to be in charge of their own destinies.

Is that so wrong ?

Think about it.

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