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 Post Posted: Sun Mar 29, 2015 6:41 pm 
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Hi, You may hear Boot Camp is great or Boot camp is not worth for it.I don't know how many new people look this forum.

I have some boot camp experience what you can expect to the boot camp here.

1.You may go out with your friends and approach some girls or just hanging out with friends just your friends.If you take boot camp like or not you approach massive amount of girls during boot camp.This will be good reference of experience.

2.Instructor shows demo approach and interactions.It break your reality.Lets' see if you have some thing on your head like attractive man is tall and muscular man,and have pretty face and young.Some of coaches are does not fit this category and they break your reality.Any coach teaches the skills you need to have.Some people needs to break their mental block,choosing your body type,age,race type coach may help you but again.You are not easy access to this type of coach.It is not mandate.

3.Your coach has patience to teach you.This is important.If you going out some non-pro coach,who has reputation as good PUA.They sometimes look at your looks like your body size.You may not treated well just their assumption of good with women or not.Some of PUA has a value the guy who get laid is the value and this decide the rank of social totem poll.You may can find good guy luckily but this is not guaranteed.If you go for boot camp.Coach shows respect and they do their service with pro-fessional manner for the most of the case.( This is my experience, they teach you with professional manner.)

*Please do not expect you get laid during the boot camp.This happens to some and you expect getting concrete results.This is too much expectation.If you have this mind-set, you should not take boot camp.This is not for you.I know there are so many hype and marketing on the internet.I understand your expectation is really high because you spend hefty a mount of money for you.If you felt too much money,I say don't take boot camp.Boot camp gives you shock value but if you don't go out after boot camp you roll back to the original place.(true)

When CC was really active there were lair meeting LA and OC frequently, you may have a chance to meet the guys who go out sarge with you.Some were good and they were willing to put their time to improve other guys came to the lair meeting.If you can find active lair group, you still can think 'You don't have to take a boot camp".This was popular idea and true back then.

In my opinion, if you are thinking about taking boot camp, I say you should take it.As long as you understand what you get and the investment is not too much for you.Coaches says even if it's not comfortable to you,this is the money for life change.I don't think it's right,it's just their marketing pet phrase.If your expectation is too high because of shelling out of too much money for you, more likely you regret it after boot camp.

Ok, here's some of coaches for your choice.There are new coaches who maybe great but this list is bit old but those coaches has good reputation.

I am not sure those coaches has still special deal too.

Below is a list of companies that I fully support and have excellent track records. If you don’t see a certain company on here, it’s probably due to good reason. What’s even better is that I have exclusive agreement with all these companies to offer a “Casanova Crew” discount that will shave off a huge chunk of change that they won’t offer anywhere else.

But in order to receive your special CC Discount, you MUST contact me first jtheripper@casanovacrew.com BEFORE you contact the instructor so they know you came from me, or else you WILL NOT be eligible for the discount.

James Matador
Real Social Dynamics
Kino 5000
Nick Quick
El Topo
Asian Playboy
Venusian Arts
AFC Adam
LA Hitch
Terrance Thames
Inner Confidence

If you don't see the coach you want on this list hit me up and I will coordinate a discount regardless.

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 Post Posted: Tue Mar 31, 2015 8:11 pm 
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Boot Camp is categorized large size and small size.

1:2 or 3 instructor and students ration:This type of boot camp,you get personal care but lecture part is nothing different from large size.

Large size boot camp one guru and some assistant coach style boot camp.You can experience boot camp with small amount of money but lecture part is exactly as same as above.If you want personal attention and you are willing to pay a lot of money this is not for you.But for majority of people who is wondering this is not bad choice.But you should understand you don't get personal attention during infield portion.

Coaches above are reliable ! It's better to take one if you were wondering long time and try to find the guy who are good with pick up.You may expect too much to this guy and you are not sure about you can learn from him just hang out.Put yourself in his shoes, he has no responsibility to teach you.He just want to have a fun and he wants to enjoy time with girls.Back then when CC lair meeting was frequently held you could find the guy who is pickup and wiling to teach you during lair meeting and night out.
It's not easy to find this type of man easily these days.I would say take a boot camp which you think good for you!

 Post Posted: Thu May 07, 2015 7:55 pm 
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KillerKahn, did you take the bootcamp with Arash and Vince? How was it?


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