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 Post Posted: Wed Jun 24, 2015 3:16 am 
Steamroller Show Podcast Host
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It's hard to believe this month would be 7 years since I've been in the community! It would then after, only be a few months that I would be a part of CC and begin the craziest life changing years of my life! I became something, I gained my own value, and in my eyes... did the impossible many times!

However, it was mid 2013 that I wanted to try something different in the game. I felt I was at the top of my game, but wanted to go further! I've been overweight the majority of my life, and felt as if I've never had a good figure. They say that looks don't matter in the community, and I do agree to some point. I believe confidence & social intuition matter more, but I figured... why not also let my looks get an upgrade :pardon: So, I began going to the gym EVERY day (sometimes twice a day) along with taking a large number of supplements to go with it! I would take working out & the supplement types to the extreme! Supplements such as testosterone boosters & under the table preworkouts! To be safe, I'd also take a large amount of vitamins and get the right foods for nutrition. I was feeling great and even felt like a bodybuilder by the end of 2013... but it would come at a price! All the physical side effects like liver damage, hair loss and low sex drive I was able to avoid... but there was one thing I didn't! I would notice it from time to time and felt the effects of it in my game, but I just thought it was just the situation. I then realized it was my personality that was being effected! It wasn't rage or aggression, but rather fear, paranoia, and even love! I felt like an AFC where I just couldn't control my feelings... I would give in to having feelings to easy, which also made it easier to catch oneitis! Having this would completely destroy my game... I would wonder why girls I would easily attract on the field, or even at work would lose attraction little by little. I was different, I felt as I was downgraded... it was horrible reality to face. For more than a year during that time, I also went through the scenario where began working under an extremely hot and attractive boss. Knowing the knowledge of the community, I took the right steps to get her attached to me, I saw it in her eyes and the way she would look at me. I was even able to do things like talk about sex and even put my hand on her breast under the radar. She was attracted to my look and confidence, but with my feelings out of control, I began to fall for her. My confidence shaddered, and she was even able to see that I began to like her. This fucked it up! I began to see her losing respect for me, and even looking at me like I was nothing. I didn't have plans on fucking her while she was my boss (maybe after though), but I wanted to keep our relationship close to gain confidence in myself. It was an odd goal, but the way I felt while I was working my passion on my physique, it felt normal. During this time, I would even get blown out more and felt I sucked out on the field. I barely even got laid during this time. I knew where my problem was, but I was too thick headed to stop! I really had become my own worst enemy! Recently though... I slowed down on the workouts, got more sleep and also started taking less supplements! This was around the time I was assigned a new boss. I still felt horrible, and had feelings for my old boss... but there was one thing left to do! It was an idea that would begin to bring me back to normal... the old SteamRoller!! What I did was log back into CC and read all my old FRs & LRs, and I even listened to old CC podcasts! It was like I entered my old trophy room, and I began to think... "How could someone that had done all this crazy superhuman shit feel so down on himself!?" I have done a lot I thought! I've done the impossible the way I would see it...! Little by little now, my results on the field came back! I was getting laid again and become on fire! Hell, I even fucked a girl that was about as hot as my boss in Vegas this past Spring Break!! I was back!!

Really though... when you think you're satisfied and done with the game! You'll always face new challenges. Never forget who you are and what you've done! All the value that make you who are, will always be something you won't lose! Always keep your head up!

Cheers :hi:

- SteamRoller

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 Post Posted: Wed Jun 24, 2015 7:09 pm 
Casanova Crew Founder
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Thats inspirational Steamroller.

Many guys we have met over the years quit the game once it gets too draining, but you're still at it all these years later no matter how tough things get.

Bring back the Steamroller show podcast!



 Post Posted: Tue Jul 07, 2015 2:02 am 
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Nice to have you back Steamroller! You gotta keep seeing other girls so you don't get oneitis. It also could be we are getting older or tired of the scene and need to refresh, I don't know.

"Respect the cock! And tame the cunt!" -Tom Cruise, Magnolia

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