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 Post Posted: Mon Dec 17, 2007 5:31 pm 
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"Women are like urinals. You dont own a urinal, you go up to it, do your thing, and then the next guy comes in and uses it...do you get jealous or upset when a guy uses the urinal after you? Hell no, that would be ridiculous. Women will always cheat if they have the chance. They are scandelous that way. So think of them as a urinal...releive yourself and enjoy the moment, and dont be offended if another guy uses it..."

That's what Tom Leykis stated on his radio show last Friday, as I was driving home from work. His ideas are off the wall and extreme, but was he perhaps on to something?

While learning game, I realize more and more that my desire to get married is fading fast. Im not even sure I want a GF at this point...I think Zan made a comment on his Enlightened Seduction series that though he may not be able to steal your girl away permantly, he sure can get her info and be with her, if only for one night.

Will the majority of girls sleep with a guy if his game is tight enough even if she is in a commited relationship? From my expereince, guys I know who actively game, friends, co-workers, the answer looks to be a resounding YES...
Players of the night representing Casanova Crew @ Vanguard:
J the Ripper
Captain Hook
JiantJay (w/pivot Gia)
Cameo's by guys from The Pick Up Artist: Joe D, Brady, and Spoon

These cold fuckin nights are bringing back memories to when I began sarging earlier this year...standing in line, freezing my ass off, and wondering how the girls can manage to stand there in low cut tops and mini skirts shivering (fashion before comfort I guess). When they speak, you can see their breath cloud outward, thick as cigerrette smoke, while everyone secretly wishes they could be wearing the bouncers warn winter jacket.

Tonight is gonna be fun. We got practically all the boys out with us tonight, and even a couple pivots. We have a motley of a crew with us...one guy is dressed like a suave hip burgler, a 30's gangster, and a pirate (take a guess who). We totally stand out from the crowd...

We are the first guys in line, and we stroll in and size the place up as people shuffle inside. You can smell the dirty wetness being brought in as we wipe our feet on the red carpeting.

We do most of our sarging out in the patio smoking section. If you havent been to the Vanguard in Hollywood, it has probably the best smoking/outdoor patio I have ever seen. Complete with a decorative walkway, medium size palm trees, and Eastern artwork, not to mention the size, it makes for an awesome sarging platform.

I see a cute Armenian looking girl sitting by herself, looking off to the Cabana's and moving her head back and forth to the music. She looks distracted and almost sad. She is dressed pretty trendy; she reaches into her purse slowly, and I step up...

J the Ripper: Easy now, I know what your reaching for in there and I dont want any problems...

Armenian Andrea: Hahaa, I was just reaching for my phone!

J the Ripper: Well put it away, there's something you need to know...check this out...

I try to speak Armenian to her and make her laugh as I purposely butcher the language. Her interest begins to wane, and I begin to scramble to hold her interest; I become conscious to the fact that may have begun to supplicate. I do what David D says to do in any situation "Lean Back", which I do instantly.

Just then I get a text from a girl Im meeting here, and she is waiting for me by the entry heat lamp.

Aremenian Andrea: Who's calling you?

J the Ripper: Just a friend. Listen it was cool talking to you but I have to get back to my friends.

We hug each other goodbye and I begin to critique where I could have done better in this warm up interaction. But fuck it, cant win em' all...it's that mentality that's probably kept me sane throughout all these months of sarging.

I go meet Illegal Mexican Martha, who has just arrived. This wasnt really a day2 with her, but she frequents this place and I have seen her here on several occasions...Ive talked to her on the phone several times. Its so fuckin hard to isolate her since she always has a big croatian dude by her side (a freind of her sisters BF who is a DJ there) or with her sister. They never let Martha out of thier sight.

We chat for a while as I sit next to her. I get everyone engaged in convo and some of my wings come in to help distract my obstacles. I feel its not going anywhere, and there's hot chicks all around so I tell her I'll run into her later for maybe a dance, and I take off.

I wing with GVIRUS for a bit, and we open up sets inside the dance floor. I see a 2 set of blondes and I go in.

J the Ripper: "You guys look like fun! (one of my new default openers that Mehow likes to use), high fives."

Gvirus and I isolate the girls into convo, and they lead us out to the perimeter of the dancefloor where I do some mock cold reading on her where I can guess how many kids she's gonna have.

By this point I have my arm around her and kissing the side of her face which she lets me do gleefully. I start smelling her hair and she has her hand on my chest. I number close her and try to go for the makeout when her friend pulls her away and they flutter off.

I open sets with InterKurse, who tries out the Jeffy from RSD line where he says "You remind me of my mommy" and burries his face between her tits. Im surprised he didnt get slapped for that. Ive seen Interkurse get hit for doing a lot less than that.

Im chillin with Capt Hook, Doc and Hawk, and I see another 2 set of white girls. I suddenly become very attracted to the little one of the two. I go in.

J the Ripper: You are soooo cute....for a space alien! But it's ok, I still love you even though you're green on the inside (credit Mehow).

She almost spits out her drink and starts to laugh, giving me a little shoulder punch. I like her already. Nice and fiesty. She puts her arm around me (when 2 seconds earlier I was gonna do the same thing) and her friend takes off asking if she wants to join. My crew comes in and we take some pics and banter, and then they leave me be to my target. My little space alien (looks like Jodie Foster's clone) declines to leave with her friend and decides to stay with me. AWESOME. She tells me she is actually an exotic dancer, and has a husband who apparently she doesnt live with at the moment.

I see Doc across from me giving me the thumbs up and snapping pictures of us. We chat for about 10 minutes and then I pull her inside. I walk her to the far end of the club and I see Joker. I greet him, and by now my space alien's freind has reunited with her along with some chode.

I go back in and do JTRT for about the uptenth time here in this very club (actually Vanguard was where I first discovered my JTRT) and we start to make out right in front of her friends as Akon sings the "Im Sorry" song. We say goodbye and I go open more sets with my boys.

We run into the guys from the show, The Pick Up Artist and chat with Brady and Spoon and Joe D who are all very cool. They tell us of stuff they have coming up in the works, and exchange experiences gaming. Real nice humble guys.

Its getting to be about that time so I say adios to my crew and get ready to head out. Aside from the cold, I had an awesome time.
I walked back to my car thinking what my old self from a year ago would think if he saw me now...and I dont mean just getting makeouts and stuff like that, I mean just the fact that Im going to clubs period. For years all I did was play in punk rock bands and hang around that crowd, with minimal luck with chicks...now Im going to top 40/hip hop clubs, getting multiple makeouts in the same night. What a difference a fuckin year makes. I walk back to my car as the Akon track from earlier in the night plays in my head.



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